ALOD: Logged Without a Fight

Meet ZerinKerensky, three and a half years of EVE, no significant PVP activity on the killboards and member of the highsec mission corp Power of the Phoenix. For the last two weeks Power of the Phoenix has been war dec'd by Raz Leo Corporation.  The members of Raz Leo Coropration specialize in killing idiots: specifically, high sec mission bears who like to fly blinged ships.

Av ra and Gecko 136 siezed upon Power of the Phoenix as a potential target after having scanned one of the members and seen a tasty target to gank. They war decced Power of the Phoenix, and renewed the war a week later after no likely targets presented themselves. A couple days later they saw ZerinKerensky flying a 4.5 billion isk Kronos. Alts at the ready, they began stalking their prey, making note of his patterns and habits for a few days.

On the 12th of January, Zerin grabbed a mission and headed out. He jumped into Ammold and waited on the gate for his corpmates to catch up. Having seen this behavior before, Av ra and Gecko flew into action. Entering system, they warped to Zerin and went to work on the Kronos. Zerin let off a few shots of his own on Av Ra's Hurricane... and then logged off. His tank promptly turned off, and Gecko and Av ra reduced the Kronos to scrap in short order. Their neutral augoror landed on field shortly after and kept them up as they powered through a Myrmidon and a faction fitted Drake that attempted to save the troubled Kronos.

Their targets destroyed, they ripped open the wrecks and found an amazing haul - over 9 billion isk worth of loot, according to the estimated price.

Expecting 1-2bil in drops and seeing 9.7 in the ESTIMATED loot, my hands were shaking pretty much uncontrollably and it took me an extra second to loot everything. - av ra

I believe av said something along the lines of "ASDFAQWDFAFASDASDEFWFOMGOMGOMG" - Gecko 136

With the spoils of war safely in their cargohold, they left the field, intent on getting the loot to the immutable safety of the station tank.

The reporter reached out to ZerinKerensky, but assumes he may have ragequit as he hasn't logged in since the gank.

Plot Twist: Zerin had purchased the Tobias' web between Av ra's first spotting of him and his ganking. He paid 6.9 billion for it.

Battle Summary




Original Chat with Av ra & Gecko 136


I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.