ALOD: The little arby that could!

This is a first for the ALOD series. While some fitting choices by those involved in this little fight are questionable, there's nothing normally ALOD-worthy. No, this killmail, passed around quite a few channels I idle in, is a magnificent example of hubris, lack of knowledge of game mechanics, and plain boneheaded idiocy.

I contacted the man responsible, AndrewZ Inv, to ask him what actually happened. And this is the story as he told me.

Andrew was flying from Amarr into lowsec, minding his own business, when he was engaged by the Arazu on the gate. As Andrew was not a criminal, the Arazu immediately gained gate gun agro. Andrew decided to engage, pointed the Arazu and started orbiting him. The Arazu, rapidly entering shields, suddenly dropped a covert cyno, and two Redeemers entered the field, landing right on top of the right. With his formidible Tracking Disruptor bonuses, Andrew figured he could take them on. As the Arazu died, he switched targets, orbiting one Redeemer while laying his TDs on the other. Neither could hurt him with anything but drones, which were removed from the field by Andrew's smartbombs in short order.

Now the un-tackled Redeemer had a couple of choices.
1) Warp out and back at range so he could track the arbitrator.
2) Use his MWD to burn out to range so he could track the arbitrator (Due to the fact the Arbitrator had no propulsion mod).
3) Bug out.

Number three is plainly out. Lets be real - almost no one in that situation is going to run from a Tech 1 cruiser. Neither of the other options would have borne fruit, though, as Andrew's TDs were capable of neutralizing his damage at any range. Warping out would have at least spared him damage from the gate guns, though, provided their new mechanics work as advertised. We'll never know if it would have changed the outcome, though, as he eschewed all three options and chose to keep firing. For his part, Andrew and the gate guns finished off the first Redeemer and swiftly moved on, condemning the second to the same inglorious fate.

Whoops - 2.5b isk destroyed between both ships

Ultimately, Andrew's attempts to loot the drops (worth half a billion or so) proved to be his undoing. The no doubt extremely unhappy Arazu pilot returned to the field in a Nemesis, tackled Andrew, and dropped a normal Cyno. Out pop an Archon and another Redeemer.

I think the term there might be "buttmad overkill".

Andrew himself puts the next bit best:

[20:12:25] AndrewZ Inv > so i start orbit redeemer again and try to kill nemesis because of 2 points on me
[20:12:48] AndrewZ Inv > but archon already take lock and rep nemesis

[20:13:53] AndrewZ Inv > everything was good enough. i have a plenty of armor to chew all of the redeemer drones

[20:15:03] AndrewZ Inv > then i realized that i dont have a chance to deaggro and come to gate. because losing an orbit means instant damage from redeemer (about 15km to gate)

[20:15:57] AndrewZ Inv > so i waited a moment when sentries aggro a nemesis so i can with combined damage of drones and sentries possibly kill him

[20:16:14] AndrewZ Inv > and release one point. Second point is a work of jam drones of course

[20:16:34] AndrewZ Inv > Then came a sin

[20:17:15] AndrewZ Inv > and i make a second mistake - laid down a preventive track disrupt on him before his valkyries approach me

[20:19:19] AndrewZ Inv > (armor started to leak very fast)

[20:20:08] AndrewZ Inv > it was a mistake .. damage was done by valkyries

[20:20:43] AndrewZ Inv > anyway instead of fighting valkyries i decided i lost a ship soon

[20:21:11] AndrewZ Inv > so i quickly kill remaining enemy elite wrecks

[20:21:50] AndrewZ Inv > and then became a wreck and warp off... thats it

Andrew is hardly heartbroken over his loss. In addition to some serious bragging rights, he bagged around three hundred million in bounties off of his victims. We eagerly look forward to his future exploits.

Hi, My name is Targie. I've done everything from High-sec wars, to Low sec Pirating; from Wormholes to 0.0 wars. I'm currently in TEST alliance, where I annoy my corp. mates with bad stories. Follow me on twitter . @TargieMcRed for article updates.