ALOD : I can’t believe that worked twice

After the HBC fellowship's parting, the Delve + Period Basis area has become THE place to find fights in EVE, as CFC squads, Pandemic Legion, and NC. all deployed to Delve in search of the mythical “good fight”, in turn triggering increased activity from locals such as PIZZA. With hostiles buzzing around Delve like vultures, TEST capital ship pilots must be particularly careful to not become the injured gazelle in a herd, lest they be swarmed by pilots looking to cap off their roam with a good old carrier kill.

 Some may have already noticed the error in the previous sentence, which had “TEST cap pilots” and “careful” in the same sentence. Like Goonswarm, TEST alliance did not obtain its power from the competence or carefulness of its pilots, but rather the number of those pilots and their willingness to die gloriously for the swarm and then have a good laugh about it. But the results from putting sloppy cap pilots, a hundred bored nerds, and DBRB in the same system should be predictable.

Fool us once – shame on you

Unable to form enough people to intervene in the TEST I-HUB fight, notorious Goonswarm FC Dabigredboat (or DBRB) decided to take his ragtag AHAC fleet into NOL to fish for kills. Upon arriving on the NOL undock, Boat invited every carrier he saw into the fleet. Yes, Boat was trying the old “invite a carrier then fleet warp away” trick. However, Boat being Boat, tried this while behind the station, and sometime between the start of the warp and the 30 seconds it takes a carrier to align, Diram figured out this trick and docked his carrier. At this point Diram began friendly conversations with the fleet members.

Poetic Stanziel > Hi Diram o/ [note, Poetic Stanziel has joined the CFC, much to the amusement of everyone in the CFC]

Diram > hello  Poetic Stanziel

At this point, Boat tried to fleet warp the carrier again, only to be foiled by a vigilant Diram.

Diram > ahhh i'm lucky that you were on side of station and not in front at exit perch...

Heeding this advice, Boat burned his covops to an insta undock perch off NOL station and started torturing his fleet with Boat stories and links (hey guys, wanna see something funny?) while inviting other carriers into fleet and waiting for Diram to undock again. Sure enough, Diram undocked his carrier once more, but this time, he sailed right into the middle of 40 AHACs 400 km off the undock, which was then bubbled to prevent reinforcements.



The moment he entered warp, Diram realized what had happened, and accepted his fate with much dignity.

Diram > leaving fleet, see you all ^.^

And later sent this mail to everyone involved with the killmail.

Congratulations, i bow at you and your group, because you deserve it. I did a really stupid mistake.
Shame on me and glory at you.

Kill: Diram (Nidhoggur)


Perpetually broke pilot of Goonswarm. Will shill for isk.