ALOD: The Gullible Aeon

Recruitment scams are nothing newsworthy. The usual recruitment scam involves the scammer collecting a “security deposit” from his mark and sometimes a bundle of ships that the mark wants moved to their new nullsec home. While uncommon, some cases involve the mark jumping to a cyno (usually provided by the scammer) to their new nullsec home in a carrier loaded with ships, only to be doomsdayed as they realize that they are unable to dock.

Nynjato is not one to be trifled with such petty hauls. He is a member of TEST deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army; being stuck on a laggy satellite Internet connection does not leave much in the way of gameplay possibilities, but is sufficient for some fun in conversation windows. He found his mark, a former Macabre Votum member named EliteSlave, poking around the public recruitment channel looking for a new home. After a discussion regarding his future status in TEST, EliteSlave was provided a cyno by Drakk3n, Nynjato’s accomplice, and allowed to eject from his Aeon in a TEST POS in Pure Blind in order to dock in a nearby station and apply to his new corporation. Nynjato proceeded to gift the Aeon to fellow TEST member Dirk Action.

[18:47:07] EliteSlave > didnt want aeon anyways

The moral of the story? There are plenty of players who are rich, fat and gullible. This is a fact that many of us take to heart as we find other players with excess ISK reserves to put to better use.

An amusing screenshot taken after the act.
The complete haul for those readers with a taste for schadenfreude.

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