ALOD: The Glorious Machariel

Monday, November 26 saw the end of a beautiful streak of kills down South. MasL, Red.Overlord veteran, finally met his end. For the past few weeks, the longtime PvPer had been harassing everything that moved in Feythabolis with his Helios - Machariel combo. 

After having been caught and escaped a number of times, mostly due to the Helios on his alternative character and fair use of jamming drones, his luck finally ran out.  Characters of Exanimo Inc, PvP corporation and recent addition to the newly formed Unclaimed. alliance pinned him down in BJD4-E after both MasL characters went offline, allegedly due to a dropped connection.

Both MasL and Oxana were kind enough to respond and Oxana of Exanimo Inc reported the following: 

                 > I knew his alt [Mas10w] had scanned out the sites in BJD4-E

                > I had put myself on this toon [Oxana] in an abaddon on a gate to an escalation site

                > i saw his alt come in, by this time I had put my arazu pilot specially fit to get him about 30km away from me towards the gate he was coming from    

                > when masL came into local, I also undocked an alt in a loki once I thought he was out of scan range and warped it                

                > he lands on me (I should say Mas10w had tackled me)

                > I uncloak arazu, damp and try to overheat faction scram

                > scram did not overheat and I did not get scram

                > i damp him but not before he drops a neut on bad tattoo (arazu) and  a shot

                > he warps to a safe or something, and then after 1 minute I see mas10w log first

                > and then MasL it seemed a few seconds later                

                > i change to buzzard, scan him down, point him

                > and get other toons on him

                > when he is in armor, I swap to sabre and remove dps so I can get his pod


MasL responded via mail and stated that he did indeed scan out that escalation site and that he was waiting for people to come in and finish it. After seeing the Abaddon on the acceleration gate he burned away from the trap, hoping he wouldn't get tackled. He did not jump to neighboring systems fearing enemy gangs and instead he burned toward the acceleration gate in order to take the fight inside the escalation site.

After seeing the Arazu pop up on D-scan and having burned about 40 to 60 km away from it, MasL explicitly states he lost his internet connection whilst, unfortunately, having a 15 minute aggression timer active. The Russian veteran jokingly stated that they should have also scanned down the Helios his alternative character was flying since it had 'expencive [sic] implants too'.

This 20 billion ISK loss, 12 billion ISK of which dropped afterward, should not discourage the Russian from continuing since he had already dealt out over 60 billion ISK worth of damages in November alone and over 110 billion over a 2-3 month period. He did this using his Helios and Machariel. Not only did MasL lose his 20 billion ISK ship, he also got his shiny pod lost in the fire.

It is very unfortunate to lose a ship fitted like this but it's a beautiful kill and props to MasL, who fearlessly PvPed in it.

The lossmail on EvE-Kill - Click here

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