ALOD: Can Flip Gone Awry

Adrel is an out of the way system in Essence, populated primarily by miners who slave away in belts, reaping a harvest of minerals that will inevitably be destroyed in some conflict or another. On October 4th, however, the miners had a bit more of a direct impact on the circle of life in New Eden. Jameson2011 is a member of the Black Rebel Rifter Club, an empire corporation that has made its name on being a general nuisance in Empire space. From piracy to can flipping, they pursue all forms of PvP action. 

Jameson2011 decided to do a bit of can flipping, an age-old pastime that may soon go the way of the dodo, in a cloaky Proteus. According to his story, there seemed to be a veritable bounty of opportunities in one of the belts of Adrel, but ‘all good things come to those who wait’ - so he lingered awhile, looking for the perfect opportunity.

Eventually it came, or so he thought. A single Procurer left in the belt, piloted by BeeCeeVee, with a jettisoned can next to him made for the perfect target. Jameson warped in, decloaked, and proceeded to flip the can into his possession. “[The Procurer] took his sweet time slowboating back to the can,” Jameson recounted when interviewed. After an interminable wait, the Procurer took the bait, flipping it back.

“He’s red! Oh joy of joys!” Jameson said, giving a bit of a play by play after the fact. The mining barge’s shields quickly disappeared. The Proteus’ blasters put him into deep armor. “This cannot possibly fail!” Jameson said to himself at the time. And then, it did:

“A Guardian warped in 55km off and started repairing [the Procurer]”. Indeed, it was a trap - and a well executed one at that. The situation drew on until it was clear that the Proteus was not going to be able to pull range away from the Procurer. Jameson2011 opted for the honorable way out: self destruction.

“He was a big meanie,” said BeeVeeCee, when asked about the trap. “He flipped my can, I flipped it back...he aggressed...and I talked him out of it.” Apparently, BeeVeeCee has made a bit of a routine out of killing random flippers and miners alike.

Perhaps, then, it is good that can flipping may soon become a defunct hobby within Eve Online. When a flipper in a Proteus can’t take out a mining barge, it might just be time to pull the plug.