ALOD: Aeon Killed by Sev3rence Kitchen Sink Fleet

Providence is no stranger to roaming gangs and the like, all looking for a piece of action. While the region is not rich with resources, it is home to something very unique: alliances who share an often criticized policy on visitors -- not red, don't shoot. Some say it is a dead policy and should be abandoned to the more common not blue, shoot it policy. However, even those who swear by the NBSI policy on strangers love the Providence region.

One such resident is Royaldo. Royaldo is CEO of Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr Branch, one of the fleet commanders and part of the leadership in the Sev3rance alliance in northern Providence. Thinking on his feet in fleet fights of any scale comes natural for someone in his position, but it wasn't fast thinking or good target calling in a large scale fleet battle that Royaldo used this evening. Instead, it was two simple things that are so invaluable, so precious in all aspects of EVE Online, yet so few possess. Intuition and patience. That, and a bit of luck.

Forming fleets of one ship type with support may be the best for synergy, but that was not the case tonight in KBP7-G. Sev3rance was rocking a kitchen sink fleet with everything from electronic attack ships all the way to pirate battleships. This fleet had it all, except of course, a target.

That, of course, changed, and that's where Royaldo's intuition and patience comes into play. A Minmatar frigate, a Probe, decided to jump into their system. Royaldo had a gut feeling this Probe was not here for exploration of any kind, regardless of improvements from the T1 frigate revamp.

During this time of day Northern Providence sees an interesting bit of traffic in the form of capital ship movements. Many of the large nullsec blocs use the region as a waypoint for moving capital ships through, or for the occasional hotdrop on a ratter. However, a Probe is not exactly known for hunting down ratters, so Royaldo followed the tiny collection of duct tape and Popsicle sticks called a spaceship.

Cathrine Walkers, the Probe pilot, simply dismissed the gate camp and thought nothing of it. After all, these were simply peasants compared to her alliance, Raiden. Turning her nose up, she went on her way, not noticing her new shadow in an Anathema. Cathrine headed into a dead end pipe, piquing Royaldo's interest even further, and ended up in TU-O0T, a dead-end cluster Sev3rence uses for ratting now and then.

The Probe warped off deep into the system, eventually turning on its cloaking device and hiding in the blackness. Royaldo waited. Seconds eventually turned into minutes, then eventually an hour and a half went by. Several times he was told to forget about it and move on. No way the Probe would show its hand and reveal its intent. Still, Royaldo did not budge. Finally, Cathrine decloaked.

A cyno beacon appeared on Royaldo's overview: showtime! He warped to the cyno at zero, eager to greet whoever was jumping in with open arms. He broke onto comms telling his fleet to head to his location immediately, and found himself landing right on top of an Aeon supercarrier. Within seconds, his fleet doubled in size -- the possibility of a super capital kill never falls on deaf ears.

Madison Lisa Ivy, pilot of the Aeon, decided that the best place to warp to for a safe spot was planet 5, at zero. Capital ships are not exactly renowned for fast warp speed and since Royaldo saw the Aeon warp in the planet 5 direction, there was enough time for one of his fleet members to jump into system with a Vengeance and get to planet 5. The Vengeance arrived just in time to send a volley of rockets into the Aeon, starting the 15 minute player aggression timer.

Clearly, the mighty Vengeance was a major threat, so the Aeon warped off to an asteroid belt in haste. Within moments, the rest of the fleet started to land, including an Onyx and two Sabres. Bubbles started to go up right as the Aeon warped off again in a direction that was unknown, most likely a safe spot created on the fly.

The golden space turd had slipped right through Sev3rance' fingers. But, just as everyone was cursing their luck, a small miracle happened. Madison Lisa Ivy, pilot of the glorious Aeon, logged off.

Immediately, combat probes were launched. The hero Vengeance pilot swapped out for a navy Armageddon and everyone waited. Moments later, everyone heard the words they were waiting for: “Warp to me! Warp to me, she is here!” Warp drives were activated, the Aeon's cyno alt was executed,  and the little kitchen sink fleet that could went to work.

Aeons have a tremendous amount of hit points when they have a tank fit and Sev3rance unloaded on the Aeon, shredding its shields and melting its armor. After just a few minutes, the Aeon exploded into a brilliant shower of light and capacitor. Secondary explosions went off as the entire ship maintenance bay full of Madison's sub-capital ships rocketed off into the nether in random directions.

Intuition and patience, my fellow capsuleers, intuition and patience.

I have been exploding internet spaceships since 2005. While I do love me a good large scale fight, I thoroughly enjoy small scale PvP as well.