ALOD: The 5 Billion ISK Drake

 Drakes...Drakes are cheap. Aside from the Rifter, the Drake is perhaps the single most iconic ship in EVE Online (which is a shame, as they are shaped like waffle irons). While you may expect to see 5 billion ISK Marauder losses from time to time, it isn’t everyday that a Drake breaks into the 5+ billion ISK lost category on On November 11th, though, that’s just what happened. 

MORE.DPS is a highsec alliance that, like many others, has been permanently ensnared in the ‘war dec shield’ that currently runs rampant in Empire space. Unlike those who complain, however, they have relished the opportunity to find an at-times endless supply of targets. On November 11th, MORE.DPS put together a small gang to go ‘clean the pipe’ between Torrinos and Jita, a favorite hunting ground for the group of ne'er do wells. Sadly, the short roam was uneventful, so they set up shop on the Jita gate in Perimeter.

Inevitably, a wartarget jumped into Perimeter from Jita - a Drake, in all of its kitchen-appliance glory. Ignorant of the loot pinata that had fallen into their laps, MORE.DPS applied, well, more dps on the Drake. “It went down pretty quickly,” said Draxzion, top damage dealer according to the resulting Kill Report. “Which surprised us, when we looted.”

Surprise, indeed. This particular Drake sported an assortment of Faction and Officer loot in the mids and lows (though, for some reason, some expense had in fact been spared with regards to the set of six Heavy Assault launchers in the highs), as well as some BPOs in the cargo bay. All told, the Drake loss clocked in at 5.5 billion ISK, of which Draxzion reported an estimated 3.5 billion ISK dropped.

The proceeds of the windfall have been divvied up equally among the participants in the kill (even the ECM pilot got a fair share). An attempt to reach Red Sonjya of the ‘Scooby Doo Were Are You’ corporation was, unfortunately, unsuccessful.



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