Some people come into Eve thinking that the shinier the ship, the better it must be. That the price of a hull must dictate how good it is at doing work (like items in World of Warcraft). However most of us know that Eve is not like this. A ship should be treated with care, using all of its bonuses to achieve its maximum potential.

Unfortunately, as the pilot of this loss mail fails to realize, having a particular racial bonus and having a bonus to that race's weapon systems are not the same thing.

My guess would have to be that this gentleman (or lady), having played for 7 months, had saved up through missions (or a PLEX sale or two) to buy the behemoth that is the Machariel. A pretty typical story.

But, just like a second helping of Christmas pudding. It gets better.

Deciding that eschewing the proper weapon systems wasn't good enough, our pilot opted for a mixed PvP/PvE fit in the mids, and a veritable kitchen sink in the lows, not even using all the slots. We will concede, though, that perhaps eve-kill is to blame, as the killboard occasionally misplaces modules. And, credit where credit's due, the damage mod and lone rig are at least appropriately matched to the weapon system of choice.


Yes, credit. It's the holidays, we're being charitable here.


Topping off this poor understanding of ship fitting, our pilot ventured into lowsec, likely ignoring the warnings about the danger, and promptly died.

As one of the comments on eve-kill said, “Clearly a mercy killing”.

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