Alarm Clocks, Guardian Angels and Doomsdays

The US time zone in the Drone Regions last night was set for a interesting evening. With two stations coming out of final reinforcement, alarm clocks across Mother Russia rang out.

I6-SYN - Cache - xXDeathXx Station

First up was the xXDeathXx station in Cache, which itself begs the question of why did a Russian alliance set its own reinforcement timer to a time zone they probably could not hope to form for? The likely answer is they did not feel they would be able defend the timer against SOLAR and so simply chose to make the station's capture as painful as possible. The more tinfoil-hatted amongst us might look at the events that ensued and claim some other arrangement must have been made because of the station's unexpected benefactors.

A guardian angel fleet of Pandemic Legion Slowcats and supercarriers secured the system shortly before the timers exited, repairing the station and killing the SOLAR SBUs. Although xXDeathXx are blue allies of the CFC, they are not formally deployed in the Fountain campaign. They are therefore not currently in any conflict with Pandemic Legion. These two alliances have had contract-based relationships in the past, so perhaps PL was paid to protect the system? This seems unlikely. With the i-hub already destroyed and the station sat on SOLAR's border, it would not take long for the station to be reinforced again. The most likely answer is that Pandemic Legion simply wanted to halt SOLAR's progress in the system and make them mad.

To achieve this goal, they had two options available. The first would be to capture the system for themselves. This would mean babysitting an onlining TCU through the remaining US time zone and into the AU time zone. The side effect of this option would likely be the loss xXDeathXx's interest in the region, removing an anti-SOLAR force from play for the gain of only a one-station system in a hostile region. The second option would be to repair the station and reset the timers. If the goal were simply to stall SOLAR Fleet, this is clearly the easiest and safest. It comes as no surprise that it was also the path they chose, and SOLAR made no attempt to contest it.

The full battle report can be found here.

DVN6-0 - The Spire - Why So Serious Station

Reshuffle the deck: it's time for round two. This time it was an N3 Slowcat fleet repairing the station with a WhySoSerious Gila fleet as support. SOLAR led the engagement with their heavy missile Tengu fleet against the supporting Gilas. It was almost a rematch of the Dominix vs Tengu fight that had gone badly for WhySoSerious last time. The Gila hull is much harder to damage than the Dominix, especially since the recent nerfs to heavy missiles. The two subcap fleets traded fire with the WhySoSerious Huginns and logistics dropping at a steady pace. Losing the Huginns they needed to web down the signature-tanking Tengus, the Gilas only managed a small number of Tengu kills in return.

In the previous weeks in Fountain, we have seen how resilient a Slowcat fleet is to subcaps. Without the protective screen of your own supercapitals to keep the enemy's supers at bay, the Slowcats are vulnerable. With the subcap brawl going the way they wanted, SOLAR Fleet dropped the hammer in the form of nineteen supercarriers and seven titans. Fighter bombers and doomsdays lit up the grid. Seven N3 carriers were lost before they managed to escape. It was not exactly the greatest of reaping in the history of hot drops, but they achieved their goal of removing the Slowcat fleet's presence. The now logistic-less Gila fleet suffered heavy losses while attempting to evacuate from the increasingly hostile system. The station was quickly captured by SOLAR Fleet and the TCU destroyed soon after. At the time of writing, a SOLAR TCU is onlining in the system.

The full battle report can be found here.

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