Against All Authorities: Failure Cascade?

It has been a bad year for Against All Authorities; once the leader of the 'Southern Coalition' bloc holding the Southeast,  a series of poor moves diplomatically and strategically has seen -A- reduced to one of the least-liked organizations in the game. No matter what seems to happen in nullsec, the HBC, CFC, SOLAR, N3, and almost every other major player is willing to drop whatever current conflict is occurring between them to either burn down -A-'s space (almost all of which is now gone) or camp them back into NPC 0.0 (usually Stain) when they appear to be having a resurgence. James 315 took a more detailed look at the -A- public relations problem in his piece 'Why Does Everyone Hate -A-', but the topic of today's news is internal strife, not external loathing.

Locked into a war of extermination with the HBC, Against All Authorities has seen a number of corps leave the alliance. Some are leaving for greener pastures, such as Macabre Votum, the former-Morsus Mihi corp most known for Traderjohn; MV is joining Northern Coalitiondot. However, two prominent -A- corps have not just left, but joined the HBC: Tr0pa De Elite and now Blackwater USA have both switched sides in the midst of this war, joining Pandemic Legion. -A- is down 800 members in a short period of time and likely to lose even more unless something is done to staunch the bleeding.

A moment of analysis: In my view, the modern -A- is a strange amalgam masquerading under the name of that old alliance which was once led firmly by Rage and Terror (RAT) under Evil Thug; While Herculetz is nominally in charge of RAT and -A-, culturally -A- has developed in the post-Thug environment to be a strange chimera of former IT Alliance, former Atlas Alliance, and former Morsus Mihi corps. The old Russian-dominated culture has vanished, and the current social structure is now fracturing in a predictable way given the external pressure and weak identity.

When there is drama, there are chatlogs. We offer these furious evemails for your amusement.

From MukkBarovian, FC of Blackwater USA, on leaving to PL:

I have been fighting my internet company for the last several days. I haven’t been able to be on to do damage control. The best I can do is write this, but I will not do the damage control you might be hoping for. I apologize.

Yesterday a request came in for me to overrule Theng. His discontent was clearly evident. I was asked to take power to prevent him from taking the actions that would lead to BUSA leaving -A-. I refused. In all honesty I have the power. My first instinct is to avoid taking risks. By myself I would probably not take such radical actions as leaving -A- because of the danger of failure. If things go badly for one reason or another because you were proactive you must take responsibility. If the boat sinks while you sit doing nothing you at least can say, “It wasn’t my fault.” That attitude does not make for leadership, so Theng’s plan has my approval.

Theng is making the decision and has done very well so far. I do not believe Theng is leading us into a bad place. We are going off to fly with a successful group of pilots with a sterling reputation. BUSA is joining PL.

I will not point fingers and try to blame someone else for this. I will not breach security to create forum porn for the masses reposting things. I will end my stay in -A- with a nerdy analogy.

-A- are not cowards. The call of coward was simply levied by enemies who found they could not easily harm -A- in battle. Disregard it. Some time ago, Ashemi Darkhold from hirr made the insightful observation that -A- are like Klingons. They fight enthusiastically. The alliance would not be near the top of EVE Kill if it was otherwise. In combat they are skilled and they continue to fight in increasingly hostile environments.

The ground state of a Klingon is flying a small ratty broken down ship fighting those without the same warrior ethic and skill. There is nothing impressive about the ships the Klingons fly after they uncloak and join battle. They rarely have overwhelming numbers or serious firepower on their side. They do not have a capital ship fleet. They still do very well, because they commit everything to the fight. The worst that happens to them is death in battle when they pick a fight with a strong battle ready opponent. Even then they often give that opponent a serious run for their money. When the Enterpise would get destroyed, It was at the hands of the Klingons.

This is all admirable. Unfortunately -A- also shares the negative aspects of the Klingons. They are easy to anger and lack diplomacy or tact. Pain is a rite of passage. Soft emotions don’t figure in. The terrible Klingon reputation is there and few people find the stomach to be their allies.

BUSA is leaving -A- because we are tired of the Klingon culture. We have come to demand more in conduct than a Klingon is comfortable with. I personally wish -A- well. We will not turn around and snipe stragglers on the undock. We will not breach security or run off with assets. I respect Herc and regret that I will not be working with him in the future. For the most part I care about the well being of the -A- membership. Hopefully the CEOs and FCs lead them on to green pastures. I take responsibility for the consequences of withdrawing support from -A-. If green pastures prove evasive because I am necessary to acquire them then I apologize.

It seems someone has doctored the MVN MS Paint thing in response to the new situation.

God, I wish my stay in -A- had left me that buffed. On the other hand I don’t remember dildos being involved at any point in the process.

Richter also had a statement to make regarding our changing position:

“Ever since I read someone mention BUSA was going to join PL in jabber yesterday, I’ve had the most rancid case of bad gas of all time. Like, I cannot stop farting and eschewing the most grotesque smell from my ass.

Is this some sort of coincidence, or is there a conspiracy at play here?”
Maybe somebody will eventually be able to help you Richter.

-Good luck

Makalu Zarya, star of Makalu Cries and the primary FC of -A-, offered the following response:


I read Mukk’s mail about oh…6 hours ago…in that time i mulled over what to write in response, and whether I wanna be nice about it or not.

The end result is…traitors don’t deserve nice, and for all internsive purposes I consider this treason at the highest level. Leaving the alliance…yea that’s cool…going to PL…that makes you no better than Lee Chanka whom you smacked about it not a week ago. But hey back then PL was a terrible alliance, and now they are your best friends.

People who want to remain with the alliance will be more than welcome by the rest of us, as I’m more than sure that many of you don’t want to be flipping sides, As for those who have set their minds on leaving…I’m sorry but the only thing I can tell you:

…and don’t let it hit you on the way out.


The CEO of Blackwater USA, Theng, sent out a corp-mail as a rejoinder to Makalu's accusations of treason:


I’ll keep this to corp as I don’t want to get into a shit throwing contest. Those who are the most vocal about us leaving are the ones most responsible for creating the condittions that have lead us to leaving.

The audacity of Maka, who has for quite a while a character in another alliance to FC there, is mind blowing. PK, who runs almost exclusively corp only fleets, and Zumzat who just came back after months of not bothering to check in just to whelp a fleet or two are the right ones to teach us on how we are letting everyone down. Harc? When was it the last time he was around and did something? The presumption of having the authority to tell us where we may or may not go after we have gone above and beyond the call of duty in -A- is just rediculous.

I guess they are realizing what it will mean when BUSA is no longer around to carry the load. They get scared and lash out. I look at it the Eve equivalent of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” At the same time, many decent people in -A- express their sympathy to us and their sadness of us leaving. These kind words, which are by far greater in number, mean a lot more to us than the sour grapes.

As to the number of people who want or don’t want to come along as of right now: One person will not come with us to PL, which is Will Clark. I respect his decision and wish him all the best for the future. At the same time we are picking up about 90 characters. Please make them welcome. I will keep you abreast of the changes.


Settle in with your popcorn, kids; this drama is likely to get louder and angrier when Pandemic Legion's two new corps begin actively shooting those who remained with -A-.

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