Against ALL Authorities: End of an Era

For those who didn't get it yet:

-A- status: -MVN- is leaving, LAMBF is leaving, RUS corps are leaving

ohseven Herculetz, never tempt a mad man with a "it can't be done".

#### SENT BY Shadoo to All online hbc @ 2013-01-06 05:45:34 EVE Time ####

The news started leaking earlier today, first from HBC jabber, then in a series of corp emails from the south. Against ALL Authorities, former leader of the Southern Coalition, is closing, and the member corporations are dispersing throughout New Eden.

Under intense pressure from TEST and PL's Honey Badger Coalition for more than half a year, capsuleers began to trickle out towards the end of 2012, with both Lee ChanKa's Tr0pa de Elite and Blackwater USA leaving for Pandemic Legion. Macabre Votum, 350 members strong, moved into NCdot, and it seems that this was the final straw for the remainder. As Russian Thunder Squad CEO Mutafakaz put it:

Current state of -A- is being a slowly rotting substance with low activity and main reason for it is a leadership vacuum. There is no one who could take control over alliance affairs. Herc and Maka have done a lot for -A- in the past two years, but now they're gone. And we don't see anyone who could step up in foreseeable future, even MVN is leaving us soon.

As the Russians split off, the Westerners are dispersing rather more widely. The aforementioned corps are settling into PL, and longtime PVP corp (ex-Atlas, ex-IT) The Maverick Navy is joining Black Legion in Venal. It's likely that the alliance itself will continue to exist, with perhaps a few members in a holding executor corp hoping for the day when the banner of -A- can fly again, but the core is gone.

We're hearing rumors that Herculetz, current (or former) leader of -A-, will be involved in the leadership of whatever new alliance the Slavic corps are drawn to. Corroborating evidence suggests that the Slav former corps of -A-, Red OverLord, and Gypsy Band (!) intend to work together in a new alliance to fight the HBC from Stain. Such a large all-Russian force could be a dangerous foe. Their corp meetings are expected tomorrow, and final plans should be announced then.

Meanwhile, as MVN moves north, they held a corp meeting which was recorded by a Goonswarm spy. You might find it of interest.

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