Aeon Down: A Battle Report

Lucky timing with the siege cycles. But then again if they were still long dreads would not be used as much. Nice kill
Decent writeup, but way too long for what turned out to be just a gank.Also, you come across as a total faggot in the BL. video.
Great battle report. Sounds like a pretty fun scrap.
AWESOME battle report
Just what Eve needs more of...ganks, bring everyone and their dogs forget about gudfights. I love it when nerds talk about ending peoples career...priceless.
Really nice battle report, thanks for that!But do we ~really~ have to write a BR for every supercap killed? It's not like mom kills are rare anymore or something.
Great BR man.Really nice job putting it together into a cohesive story.
another black legion perspective
Great write up Islador, really appreciate how much detail you went into.
"I'm an accomplished FC and havebeen playing for six years, I run FELON and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market"sounds like your on some kinda power trip for being a bunch of no name dudes
this will never happen as we all know with SP and is increasing eventually supers will be thrown around like BC and BS fleets
Unfortunately, yeah. Can't argue that.
that moment when its not his voice you are hearing....
I'm going to go ahead and assume that the person giving orders on the second video is you Islador. (Sadistica Alliance forces were commanded by me.)Why are you threatening fleet members with being kicked when you're in a fleet that was supposed to be fun? I strongly recommend you change your attitude before people start calling you a less experienced Makalu.
Or is it this dude so then let him know.
Excellent write up, screenshots. Probably best I have seen.
Islador best fc!!
Second video is Sinners of Solitude, not me. Unfortunately there is no example of my FCing in the above videos as the man filming from our perspective seems to have stripped the audio.
Alright, was the FC the one I linked?
And the tears begin... We was upset. We killed many Sadistica with 5 ships. We had 5 people and decided to drop Aeon than it got tackled and we tried to relogin. And then we got blobbed. it was a bug. Cool story.
well, cant argue if attached printscreens clearly showing aeon being locked at 15.7 au, its even highlighted in red, and on both sides seen mothership warping away it seems
like for my eye, until BL people arrived russians lost no ships, just look at killmails, cant see bravery of sadistica folks here
well said
Just some proof for noname idiots.It was logoffed on spot when aeon warp away.You can see on screen, everyone was on 16.8 AU from aeon and was targeted and look on the aeon speed. Because of this, it was logoffed on spot in 16.8 AU and not in the middle of the fight.
Islador = massive faggot and terribad at this game. Very easy to infiltrate their alliance BTW.
^^ Hi pot, meet kettle.

(Author's note: Be aware that this article was written by Islador, head of Sadistica Alliance, and may contain bias.)

On February 7th, on the trailing edges of US Prime at 9:33 p.m. PST (05:33 Friday EVE Time), an Aeon piloted by Octatron of Infernal Octopus met its demise at the hands of Sadistica Alliance, Black Legion and the Sinners of Solitude.

Wait, Who?

Black Legion

Black Legion is a notable null-sec group. They are currently staging out of Sakht in Aridia and were bat-phoned in when the super was tackled. Black Legion forces were under the commmand of Ipsimus.

Sadistica Alliance

Sadistica Aliance is a young low-sec alliance run by me, Islador. It is based out of Yiratal in Aridia and got the initial bump and tackle on the Aeon. Sadistica Alliance forces were commanded by me.

Sinners of Solitude

The Sinners of Solitude is a recently formed low-sec coalition based out of Solitude, Kor-Azor, and Genesis, and headed by Kurisu Makkashi. Its members consist of That Red Alliance (PR1KS), The Royal Navy (TRN), D3vil's Childr3n (D3VIL), Nostradamus Effect (NOS), The Learning Curve (LCRVE) and others. The coalition is backed by Drunk 'n' Disorderly of Gallente Faction Warfare fame. Sinners of Solitude forces were under the command of Kurisu Makkashi.

Infernal Octopus

Infernal Octopus (DBLOC) is a Russian low-sec alliance based in Aridia's Fageras system. They are notable around the region for BLOPs ganks and their active tower-eating dreadnought fleet. Their commander is unknown at time of writing.

The Story

Last weekend Infernal Octopus engaged a handful of Sadistica towers in Ertoo. All but one tower was saved. Infernal Octopus placed a Large Caldari in its place, intent on holding the moon. Sadistica didn't take too kindly to the loss of its tower.

At 830 p.m. PST (0430 Friday EVE Time) on Thursday night, we engaged. A small dread fleet was dropped on the hostile tower in Ertoo along with a roughly thirty-man support fleet. The tower was hardened and took a fair amount of time to reinforce.

Source: Tron's Comment on Aeon Loss

The subcapitals were busy flying around like headless chickens, chasing our anchor as our guns pointed at this POS module or that POS module. The capital commander ticked off siege cycles in my ear as Infernal Octopus started trickling into local. Scouts reported a Manticore, a Nemesis, a Loki, and an unknown logged into system. I relayed info back to the capital commander as it came to me, complete with threat assessment. Local count in Fageras was fifteen. Despite us having over double their numbers on field, there was no doubt that they could turn this into a bloody battle as they're a dread-heavy alliance. At this point, we had no knowledge of their supers.

“Third cycle 3/4ths; permission for fourth?” asked my capital commander.  “Go for it,” I replied, as I asked our anchor to pull us closer to the dreads. The subcapitals inched forward as the dreads crossed into their fourth cycle. Hopefully the math was right and the tower would reinforce just before the dreads exited. The cap commander ticked off cycle time. The dreads were 3/4ths out; the tower was at 29%. Only a matter of time, I thought, as the tower slowly melted under our combined fire. Our dreads were already red cycled and the tower reinforced all of ten seconds before they exited. Then a Nemesis, piloted by Pentatron of Infernal Octopus, decloaked in the middle of the dreads.

“KILL THAT NEMESIS!” I screamed at the support fleet as the capital commander reported an egress cyno lighting up. I watched the capital fleet jump to safety as our guns slammed into the Nemesis. "Poof!" goes the Nemesis. It's calm for a second—the eerie calm while the servers decide if you cynoed in across the system or right to where you wanted. Then two supercapitals flash into existence: a Nyx piloted by Jenny Winters and an Aeon piloted by Octatron, both roughly fifty kilometers from my subcapitals. I tell the capital commander to reship his fleet into HICs as I yell at the subcaps to micro on and bump the Aeon. In retrospect, the Nyx may have been a better choice thanks to its thinner tank, but who knows.

The subcaps streak across the grid at a blistering 1800 m/s and hammer into the Aeon. He's low on cap from jumping in and just got bumped like a boss. The Nyx warps off to safety, leaving the stranded Aeon at the mercy of my fleet. Guns go hot on the Aeon and we slowly chew through his shields and begin denting his armor. Those hictors I requested start arriving on field as we reach out to whomever will listen. I personally contact Kurisu of the Sinners of Solitude and inform him of an Aeon trapped in Ertoo by my fleet. One of our FCs with contacts in NCdot begins rattling cages.

The majority of the US time zone across Aridia, Genesis, and Solitude is now burning straight for Ertoo with an aim to kill this Aeon. Our frenemies leap into action as Kurisu lists off his fleet's hictor count and relative ETAs. Our second hictor lands on the field and we begin doing the “Oh shit! Only two hictors!” dance against the incoming DPS. The subcapitals continue bumping the Aeon as much as possible and the capital FC informs me that some of his pilots don't have hictors. I tell the capital FC that I need neuts and logi. At this point, our Fageras scout reports that the majority of Infernal Octopus is undocked in their staging system, including six capitals, two Archons and four Revelations. Aijle Mijleroff slips into the POS shield in his Proteus, boards a Hurricane floating inside, and then warps off. Seconds later, he lands back on the fleet in his Hurricane and lights his cyno.

“CYNO UP!” “KILL IT!” “Not lockable, sir.” “Well, fuck, get it when it does!” and the cyno Hurricane explodes as our guns cycle over it. An Archon and two Revelations make it onto grid before the Hurricane's demise.

We swap primaries to the Archon as he is now the glue holding their fleet together. The only thing missing from this hictor-killing fleet is some webifiers and Infernal Octopus knows what they need. Aijle Mijleroff slips into the POS shield in his pod and boards the Proteus he’d left there only moments ago. Kurisu mentions a ten-minute ETA; they're roughly 12 jumps out and burning as fast as they can.

Our FC with the NCdot contacts starts screaming in command channels, asking for a cyno. Our capital FC sets up a suicide Dominix and burns for Ertoo. Our command channel fills with linked names and people to invite as the capital FC gets drafted into what is presumably an NCdot capital fleet.

An Ibis, piloted by Marshal Obvious of Infernal Octopus, lands amid the embattled fleet and all guns immediately cycle over to him. Despite the quick kill, another Revelation makes it in before the Ibis explodes. The pod escapes, warping off, and a Loki piloted by Pol Freeman lands on field. This isn't good. We can't kill a Loki under triage reps, and the Archon just went triage green, repping away our fleet's damage with no problem. We primary the Loki anyway and get him to half armor before the Archon gets him repped up.

I swap primaries to the Archon and we begin pressuring him again. Our capital fleet has now reshipped for the most part and is contributing to the fight in subcapitals, at least two of which are neuting battleships trying to break the Archon's capacitor. I order the subcap fleet to stop bumping the Aeon in order to avoid low transversal blapping from the dreads and head for the safety of range. The Proteus pulls out of the POS shields and our Broadsword immediately reports being webbed. I inform Kurisu of our hictor's demise. Down to a single hictor and with no way to kill the Proteus, we swapped guns to the Archon in the hopes of capping him out. The Archon begins to show signs of breaking as my capital FC reports he’s in warp with the cyno.

He lands and calls "Cyno up," and then nothing. The Aeon warps, but he’s still locked and can be shot. Shit, we’ve desynced! (1)

Our cyno doesn’t die, though, and we sit there, waiting. Then a single Archon lands, spits out a hictor, and reports positive tackle, an excellent display of ghost-riding in action. I request the Black Legion FC drag me into a chat so we can coordinate. The grid flashes to life as the rest of Black Legion’s fleet jumps in and we start following their primaries as they kill the capitals first.

I inform their FC of the Sinners of Solitude’s impending arrival and he confirms they’ll only shoot Infernal Octopus. Before dragging Kurisu into the shared command channel, I inform him that he’s good to hit the grid and to shoot only DBLC (Infernal Octopus).

Black Legion brought in two dozen SlowCats initially and began chewing through hostile Revelations. Serg Fatal’s Revelation goes down first, followed by Quindaster’s, as Black Legion begins bringing in dreads of their own, totaling just shy of ten. An Infernal Octopus Revelation, piloted by Without Bias, explodes under the combined fire as Kurisu’s Sinners of Solitude begin to trickle into the system. The Archon warps off, and we point our guns at Aijle Mijleroff’s Proteus and down it easily as he is no longer receiving triage reps. With no hostiles left to shoot, the Aeon slowly begins to melt under the incoming DPS from our combined fleets. As the Aeon dips below half armor, the Sinners of Solitude arrive and lay into him as local peaks over 100.

Black Legion requests we start stripping hostile fighter bombers off the field as they’re starting to chew on their dreadnoughts. We swap primaries and start killing fighter bombers as the Aeon dips into hull.

Black Legion calls for an overload, and we all move back to the Aeon, guns hot. The Aeon goes down just as Tessa Yor’s (Black Legion) Moros crosses half hull.

The hostile fleet vanquished, I order Sadistica off the field. Kurisu and his group swipe the Aeon loot and retreat as well. Black Legion holds the field and scoops enough to pay for their losses. Once Black Legion has cynoed home, I request the field, and we scoop the heavier stuff that no one else wanted. In the end, we came out with loot worth 3/4ths of our total fleet losses.



  • Kills: 1x Aeon, 3x Revelation, 1x Proteus, 1x Hurricane, and 1x Ibis.
  • Friendly fire incidents: 1x Dominix (Sadistica), 1x Oracle (Sadistica), 1x Tornado (Sinners of Solitude), and 1x Nemesis (Sinners of Solitude).
  • Sadistica losses: 2x Tornado, 1x Naga, 1x Oracle, 1x Devoter, 1x Broadsword, and 1x Tempest.
  • Black Legion losses: 1x Archon.
  • Sinners of Solitude losses: none known.

The battle summary is at Note that Serg Fatal’s Revelation can be seen dying in the Sadistica video below, but it seems to have disappeared in the API caching mess and is not on the killboards.


The video below is taken from Sadistica’s perspective. It starts just after I give the order to micro on and bump the Aeon. Serg Fatal’s Revelation goes down at 6:22, Quindaster’s at 6:37. Niralie’s Archon warps off at 6:40, Without Bias’s Revelation goes down at 6:49, and the Aeon dies at 8:45.

This video is taken from the Sinners of Solitude’s perspective. The voice-over is their FC and executor, Kurisu Makkashi. It picks up just as they begin to trickle into Ertoo and ends with the Aeon’s demise. The camera man lands on the field at 1:30.

The last video is from Black Legion’s perspective. It picks up with Quindaster’s Revelation in half armor. The Aeon dies at 7:45 and the clip ends with Black Legion jumping home.

Watch live video from f4b3z on TwitchTV


Infernal Octopus was not willing to comment at the time of writing.

(1) Desync: A desync is when your client and the server disagree on what is going on. Unfortunately, there is no auto-detection or correction mechanism. A desync is caused when multiple objects intersect in a high-load environment and is common in hot drop scenarios. More information can be found here.

I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.