Wormholes and Opportunities

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In wormhole space, many battles are won not only by having more information than the opposition but also a fair bit of luck and timing. Wormhole connections can pop up at any given moment and it is up to competent players to seize those opportunities and subsequently pick their battles. Because of the randomness of connections, the importance of timing and strategy is increased by at least, say, tenfold. Interstellar Hobos alliance (HOBO) noticed this in an encounter with Sleeper Social Club  (SSC) and Verge of Collapse  (CRIT), who entered the field later on in the battle.


The Encounter

Both parties who initiated combat were kind enough to respond and Sleeper Social Club have included the video of the battle in their response. Both CEOs, in their mails, stated that they were happy for the battle opportunity to have presented itself.

During the night of the engagement Sleeper Social Club members spot a 3-man Interstellar Hobos gang, consisting of two Machariels and a Proteus. SSC, in response, form up a small fleet with minimal Guardian support, hoping for a brawl. After landing on the field, Sleeper Social Club manage to take down the enemy Proteus.

Answering alliance members' calls for help, a HOBO officer fit Chimera lands on the field as the Proteus goes down. The Chimera, however, "forgot he had the modules on the carrier". As Sleeper Social Club see the Chimera land, they switch targets hoping to get a capital ship kill but they do not succeed in breaking the Chimera's tank. Because the capital ship's tank refuses to break, SSC decide to call in a Moros but as more and more HOBO pilots log in and land on-grid with more capital ships, Sleeper Social Club are forced to retreat.

Before SSC manages to flee the scene after recognizing HOBO advantage, they lose a Guardian but succeed in escaping mostly unharmed. With a Proteus kill in the bag, SSC feel that it is time to disengage completely and thus they prepare to remove the Moros off the field.

Disengaging the Moros would mean that any further escalation is not possible. The Moros would effectively collapse the wormhole and sever any connection with the Interstellar Hobos. At that crucial moment, however, a Sleeper Social Club member on comms says he is in a conversation with a Verge of Collapse member. This CRIT member states that they also have an open connection to the Interstellar Hobo system and are willing to team up to bring the fight to a close.

In the meantime, HOBO are still under the impression that SSC fleet composition has not changed which results in them staying on the wormhole, waiting for possible fights. Verge of Collapse and Sleeper Social Club have, however, moved to joint comms in order to organize a drop on the HOBO fleet. SSC, knowing that a substantial amount of mass had been taken off the wormhole connection, still feel that sending through a second Moros was still possible. Both fleets subsequently jump in the HOBO system and warp in at range.

SSC and CRIT initiate aggression and start to primary enemy HOBO battleships. The three Bhaalgorns CRIT have provided, start neutralizing HOBO capital ships, hoping they would render them incapacitated. Before they succeeded in doing so, the three HOBO Revelations were able to take down MyrddinBishop's Moros. SSC and CRIT attention, however, was still on enemy battleships and after taking them down, they turned to the Revelations of Interstellar Hobos. Due to the second Moros' heavy damage output and full support, all three dreadnoughts went down.
After taking down the dreadnoughts, Sleeper Social Club and Verge of Collapse turned their attention to the other on-grid capital ships and the officer fit Chimera was one of them. The pilot of the ship in question had, as stated earlier, forgotten to take of the officer modules and was now engaged in battle. HOBO proposed to pay a ransom which SSC refused in the hopes of the Chimera's modules dropping after killing the it. The ship went down and two of its four officer modules dropped. The entire engagement cost HOBO over 30 billion while the opposing fleet had minimal losses, Moros excluded.


Honorable pilots

In their mail to TMC, alliance leaders of the initial aggressors stated that it was a good fight for both of them. Sleeper Social Club's leader said that "It was a good fight and really fun to fight an uphill battle where our caps are outnumber [sic] 2:1 but the fights where you don't know how they are going to turn out are always the most fun". Interstellar Hobos' leader stated that they were 'caught off guard' with a 'careless shiny' in play but that 'the fight was fun'.

The video provided by Sklaer is from the point of view of the SSC fleet and may only provide a one-sided view to a fun wormhole battle. The entire battle report can be found here.

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