TMC Live: Nullsec Power Hour #1

On Wednesday we launched our first livestreamed 'Nullsec Power Hour' talkshow, with myself, Marc Scaurus and Darius JOHNSON. It worked out pretty well: we had 1100 concurrent viewers with no notice on our Twitch channel. We've now launched our TMC Youtube channel (be a friend and subscribe, please!) and we'll be putting the rebroadcasted shows there. 

The presenter dynamic worked out well: One pretentious narcissist, one belligerent drunk from Jersey nonstop taking the piss out of the narcissist, and Marc Scaurus quietly weeping for humanity while trying to run the show. Good times, and we'll be doing this again next week! 

Goonswarm Federation CEO, Space Tyrant. Likes yoga, Alaskan Malamutes, bacon, and delegation.