Revamped Turret Sounds coming soon to TQ

In this video I demonstrate the new turret sounds of all the small to medium ship class turrets.

A word from Team Klang:

Last year we upgraded the turret graphics and as part of our effort to continually iterate and improve on the audiovisual experience, this release we are revamping all of the turret sounds. Not only are we changing the individual sounds, but we are also authoring them differently, so they sound better when far away. Previously, there was just one sound file representing a turret being discharged that was filtered depending on your distance. This time we have authored the close up sound and far away sound separately, crafting the sound signature of a faraway sound much better than previously with simple filters. When revamping the sounds, we strived to better capture the scale of these enormous machines of destruction and take the EVE soundscape more like naval combat and less like dogfighting or light weapon engagements.

For more information visit the latest dev blog on the subject.


Just make it quick so we can get back to the roam.