Retribution Released: Have A Trailer

The big news today is, of course, that Retribution is out. Is the trailer any good?

We'll intentionally overlook the fact that the dread pirate looks like a pedophile and is flying a Widow - the Widow is unquestionably one of the best-looking ships in the game with that delicious black and red skin, and it's a shame that it exists as little more than a bridge-bitch in practice.

The standard by which all CCP trailers are now judged is, of course, the Dominion trailer, which was a goddamned tour de force that also came closest to 'actual Eve' gameplay. The Retribution trailer doesn't quite live up to it - the voice work is lacking without Mike Read's baritone - but it has a relentless focus on spaceships and explosions instead of, say, Barbies.

Perhaps most importantly, the entire motivation of the trailer is negative emotion: vengeance, hatred, greed, preying on the weak - everything that distinguishes Eve from all the other games where this kind of activity would get you banned in a heartbeat.

I like it.

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