Nulli Secunda Alliance Meeting - November

Nulli Secunda (S2N) held an alliance meeting this Saturday November 3rd detailing their plans for the future. The primary points discussed were as follows:

  • Brief summary of the recent developments in the war in the north. 
  • S2N will be staging out of Immensea in CKX-RW effective immediatly, with a renewed campaign against SOLAR.
  • S2N intends to take sovereignty over several regions for an entirely new coalition (Nexus, Hun Reloaded, Mildly Intoxicated, Kadeshi, Pangu) with assistance from NCdot.
  • Welcome Fistful of Finns (Ex-EWOKS) to the alliance.
  • Emphasis that the new coalition will be treating its member alliances with proper respect, in stark contrast to how -A- or IT would run a coalition.
  • Announcement of the creation of Nulli Legio, a new sister alliance for Nulli Secunda, housing smaller or less experienced corporations.
  • The recent industry program has been successful, and is planned to expand for the entire coalition.
  • Relations with the HBC will remain friendly, but they will not be explicit allies.

The new bloc is being dubbed the "HELLNAW" coalition in reference to the reaction to being hung out to dry by Against ALL Authorities during the fall of SoCo in Delve, and their intention to destroy the remnants of -A-'s coalition.

The mentioned text update will be provided when it becomes available.


Alliance Meeting Soundcloud

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