Northern Coalition(dot) July Alliance Update

After one of many ongoing operations in the Drone regions, Vince Draken, leader of Northern Coalition, held a state of the alliance meeting. The main topics covered were progress on their deployment in the Drone Lands, the state of Fountain's defense and clarifying NCdot's relationship with TEST, along with updates about the alliance's finances and various policies.


  • NCdot is currently balls deep in the Drone Lands with 48 systems to retake.
  • As of tomorrow the losses will be down to virtually none as Solar will lose 20 systems Monday and 8-9 on Tuesday and 2-3 on Wednesday.
  • Enemies in Drone Region, despite outnumbering NCdot subcapital wise daily, are refusing to fight.
  • In fairness to SOLAR – N3 in addition with PL has vastly more super capitals. However it is unknown why Solar refuses to have any subcapital fights of any kind.
  • After that, NCdot will be pretty much done in Drone Lands as SOLAR will have zero sovereignty left.
  • Last time SOLAR was left with some scrap systems here and there and a couple jump bridges. This time they will be left with nothing.
  • SOLAR will presumably recover as they have in the past and start over, again.
  • This will allow NCdot up to six weeks to ignore them and if necessary, return to the Drone regions to erase them off the map again.
  • NCdot could be completely done with Drone Lands as early as Wednesday night.


  • Super capital deployment is getting more organized and efficient.
  • As it stands, Northern Coalition has a substantial amount of ISK in the war chest.
  • Renting is hugely profitable, but requires maintenance – such as when sovereignty is dropped and actions need to be taken to secure those systems.
  • If a fleet commander, new or currently established, puts a fleet up and you're online; join the fleet.
  • Vince stressed the need to join any Call to Arms (CTAs) if pilots are available.
  • All alliance members are to make sure all of their ships are up to date and have the currently required CTA doctrine ships.
  • All corporations have bonus Tech 3 ships available for all operations.
  • SM3LL Whiskey Nights are extremely lethal and everyone is encouraged to attend at their own risk.


  • The dreadnought or super carrier program will reactivate.
  • After a meeting with fleet commanders and bean counters; there will be a decision on which capital incentive to do. Either a dreadnought with 2 billion ISK towards the purchase for members or the super carrier with 10 billion ISK for members.
  • NCdot will possibly be returning to the Fountain region after all objectives are done in the Drone regions.
  • Over 400 billion ISK has been spent on incentives for members to be in dreadnoughts.
  • Currently NCdot can have up to 75 or more super capitals in a posted operation. Goal is so on a short notice ping we can have more even dreads instantly in fleet and ready to go.
  • There is a PLEX for spies program in the works.


  • Upgrading rigs from T1 to T2 on medium sized ships. Specifically Lokis, Legions, Proteuses and Logistics.
  • There is no point in not upgrading considering the price drop and their bonuses far outweigh the penalties.
  • There will be more fleet composition changes coming soon, specifically the introduction of the Raven and the Rattlesnake.
  • As changes continue to happen with CCP balancing and revamping ships, NCdot will continue to bring in new doctrines and phase out old ones.
  • Shield Slowcats are currently reserved for niche situations and there is no expectation for them to replace armor Slowcats.
  • Due to the Odyssey expansion skill requirement change; there is no reason to not cross train and fly Archons over Thanatos and Nidhoggers.


  • Shield and armor triage carriers will be updated in both fit and reimbursement to reflect the rig changes.
  • Amarr carrier skill books will be reimbursed for those switching their slow carriers to Archons.


  • Members who are inactive for 30 days will automatically be kicked from all NCdot services.
  • Integrating full API is now required, including all CEOs.


  • Goonswarm Federation have taken 11 systems and two stations.
  • It has been slow grind for CFC, but they are making steady progress. NCdot tips their cowboy hat to CFC in their progress.
  • TEST does not seem to care too much about Fountain. TEST is forming loads of pilots some days and sometimes only 10 on other days.
  • NCdot will keep a close eye on the Fountain conflict and see how things go.
  • NCdot could have taken Querious and continued to shoot TEST, but it would have been boring.
  • Querious was primarily taken for the Neodymium moons, but there is renters there as well. NCdot members are free to head there and make ISK if they choose.
  • Progodlegend said the goal of N3 is to destroy Goonswarm Federation, but in reality NCdot is in Fountain due to the fact it is virtually the last place there is action.
  • The war is between Goons and TEST.
  • NCdot will continue to be a presence in Fountain until TEST give up and/or Goonswarm Federation take it all.
  • If Goonswarm Federation do in fact conquer Fountain, NCdot will see what they do next. Specifically, if they push on into Delve.
  • NCdot is expecting TEST's response to be better if Goonswarm Federation continues to push into Delve considering all of their members were vastly more active when TEST was against everyone in Delve not long ago.

Overall, Northern Coalition is in fantastic shape, Draken says, even after some hiccups from an upset with renter sovereignty and the resurgence of SOLAR Fleet in the Drone Lands. NCdot will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as they adapt to enemy tactics and game mechanic changes to ships and other aspects of the game.

I have been exploding internet spaceships since 2005. While I do love me a good large scale fight, I thoroughly enjoy small scale PvP as well.