NCdot Alliance Meeting: Go North!

North Is Where It's At

Vince Draken, leader of the Northern Coalition. (NC), held a meeting on February 24, 2013 to announce NC’s immediate plans. The major news was that NC will shortly be moving further north from Insmother to LEM (in the Kalevala Expanse). They will begin purging the Drone Regions as part of a coordinated effort to cut SOLAR Fleet off from Empire. The announcement to move further north was greeted with enthusiasm by other attending members, although there were questions about ship doctrines, training, logistics, PvP fights, and allies. The major highlights of the 24-minute meeting are summarized below.

The Big Plan

  • The focus will remain on SOLAR Fleet. The overall plan is to cut SOLAR Fleet off from Empire by having Pandemic Legion (–10.0) take Geminate, Northern Coalition. take Kalevala, and Scrap Iron Flotilla. (SCRAP) assault Etherium Reach (ER).

  • Ultimately, NC is not changing what they are doing or who they are shooting. They are moving somewhere with better logistics and to a region that needs to be “fuckin’ ultimately grinded”, which Vince Draken said won’t happen unless someone actually moves there.

The Immediate Plan

  • Step 1: Conquer U93O-A (Cache). This system will be taken, because NC owns a moon in there and it’s a pain to go in every other day with subcaps to take down the jammer. After that, with the exception of a neighbouring system with a moon they also own, they’re done taking systems just because they have moons in them.

  • Step 2: Conquer Malpais. Once operations in Geminate have concluded, everyone involved will probably collectively work to take Malpais, due to the region's large size.

  • Step 3: Move to LEM-I1 (The Kalevala Expanse). Everything will be moved from Insmother and HLW-WP (Curse) to LEM-I1. in order to purge the Drone Regions, starting from LEM in the Kalevala Expanse and going down to Cache. Excess ships and assets will likely be stored in Konora (in Metroplis), although Odebeinn is also a possibility. These are low-sec/high-sec systems, making it simple to sell ships no longer being used and providing good Empire logistics compared to their current space. LEM is a good location for roaming, with easy access to Malpais, the Spire, and Geminate. Mention was also made that CFC space lies to the north, where Li3 Federation (L3F) is currently located and many CFC coalition members are out on foreign deployments in other parts of EVE.

The Timeline

  • U39O-A’s i-hub and station will be attacked on February 25th at 17:40, with the station’s final timer coming out just over two days later.

  • The actual date for moving to LEM depends on how successful NC is in Cache, but the expectation is mid-week or this time next week.

Doctrines, Training, and Ships

  • The final list of what ships will be kept has not yet been decided, but members will need to have NC’s main ships: Foxcats, Rokhs, Lokis, and Slowcats. Nagas and Tornadoes are also useful. Bombers were also mentioned as something members should have.

  • Members need to keep training shield Slowcats and buy them, if possible. Vince Draken said, “They own so hard. They do literally over 1k DPS with the fuckin’ fit we have… Buy them.”

  • Black ops: Members should buy black ops ships and are being encouraged to train black ops cyno alts. Black ops cynos and black ops ships are awesome, preferably with jump drive calibration to level 5.

  • Members training the Chimera skill book will be reimbursed once the ships start being used.

  • Everyone should start buying AB HAM Caracals, because they will be used by at least one FC for runs in the US time zone to “fuck with the pets”.

  • Skill training: All members are to train micro jump drive, target spectrum amplification, and—most importantly because NC flies a lot of armor HAC ships—armor honeycomb to at least level 4. This was expected to take six or seven days.

Their Allies

  • The number of blues will be reduced. Some will be removed because of lack of participation. Others will be removed to prevent NC ending up in the same situation as the HBC and CFC, where, according to Vince Draken, they need to fly 50 regions away or deploy to the other side of EVE to PvP.

  • Pandemic Legion is once again neutral.

  • The core of the N3 coalition will remain blue, but The Unthinkables (INK) will be reset.

  • Red Alliance (RED), not currently an N3 coalition member, will likely be reset and set to some “don’t take their sov sort of bullshit.”

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