N3 Meeting: SOLAR War Must End

Gorga, CEO of Nulli Secunda and one of the principal leaders of the N3 coalition, called a meeting to deliver an important message. Primarily, he stated that the war against SOLAR and company must be finished by the end of the month. This means both Cache and Insmother need to be taken, a large enterprise. Also interesting is the fact that the need to finish the SOLAR war may be to redistribute space to an as-yet unnamed new N3 alliance.

A summary of the important points:

  • N3 coalition needs to finish SOLAR war by the end of the month (Cache + Insmother)
  • Need to grab more space, potentially for a new N3 alliance
  • No one likes giving space to RA, but it needs to be done
  • Goal is not to destroy SOLAR, but to get to a point they will not attack the coalition later
  • Due to maxing out fleets, leadership will try to get additional FCs to get T3 sniper support fleets
  • New alliance will not be Intrepid Crossing
  • New alliance will not be Convicted
  • Unsure where the future staging point will be, possibly Cache
  • FISTN (corp) left because they weren’t getting enough small gang pvp
  • Progress of OPSEC significant (sister alliance), developing own culture
  • Gorga would rather castrate himself than let goons into the coalition
  • Possible upcoming Loki fleet concept
  • Move outside of area to get more PvP, increase jump bridge coverage
  • Potential ShieldCat being worked on by PGL
  • More after action reports needed so grunts get a better strategic picture
  • Aside from two exceptions, no ‘exclusive’ systems in the coalition
  • New space will be redistributed more or less evenly, plenty to go around
  • Tech will be distributed evenly if possible
  • RZR/FA expected to go home soon, not even allowed to undock
Member of Nulli Secunda. Have been playing Eve for close to four years, already hit by bittervet syndrome. I've played a number of games over the years and generally dab in every game that's fun.