Ménage à Trois

When I was young, one of my favorite things to do was read Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. Along with the story arcs and assorted stand-alones, one of better devices that Bill Watterson would work in was Calvin's 'build-ups' wherein he would imagine disaster scenarios that would shock even Michael Bay. Trains would derail, airplanes would plummet from the sky, and supermassive earthquakes would rip the earth in twain, usually converging on one hapless individual who was completely unaware of the impending annihilation.

This was more or less the situation in J115935 on January 6. There was Lead Farmers and Ekchuah's Shrine attempting to gank Posthuman Society in a site, Posthuman Society dropping on Ekchuah's Shrine and, later, Aperture Harmonics coming in mid-fight to try and alpha whatever they could with sniper tier 3s. In the end, things broke mostly in favor of Lead Farmers and Ekchuah's Shrine but there was considerable back-and-forth in this pretty wild fight.

Enjoy the killboard report here.

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