KSP Dev Offers Players a Chance to Go to Space

In an industry first, Kerbal Space Program's designer, Squad, has partnered with www.idreamofspace.com to give us a real incentive to play KSP: a sub-orbital flight into space.

The YouTube video has all of the information, but the short version here is the two companies want to spread awareness of just how awesome and cool space is. To help facilitate this, they are having a Kerbal Space Program screenshot contest, which will run until the 31st of January.  All KSP players are entitled to one entry, with the community voting for the winning screenshots. The three pictures with the highest number of 5-star votes win.

I've spoken to the people behind this, and have been assured this spaceflight will not end up like 95% of flights leaving Kerbin.

Full rules, and a walkthrough on how to submit your picture and vote, are located on the official KSP forums.

Barrien is one of the editors of themittani.com. When not editing, he plays PlanetSide 2 in the 666th Devil Dogs on Connery, and Firefall in the Alpha Imperium army.