The Jeff and Falcon Show

Jeff Edwards and CCP Falcon 11-14

On Saturdary, November 14, CCP Falcon, EVE Community Manager for CCP Games, sat down on TheMittaniTV's Twitch channel to talk with author Jeff Edwards on The Jeff and Falcon Show. As one of the authors of EVE Source and a number of EVE 'prime fiction' Chronicles, CCP Falcon is uniquely positioned to be bridge the distance between Jeff and the greater EVE community.

The two of them discussed a number of topics surrounding EVE Online, the lore of the game, and the Fountain War project. Among the topics covered were the nature of some of the players' questions, like 'Why isn't CCP doing this?' or 'Why did you change CFC to Imperium?' and how player feedback is helping Jeff get a feel for the necessary balancing act between historical accuracy and what might cause issues in print (such as someone with a character named 'MickeyMouse'), and the interesting parallel between New Eden's capsuleers and modern combat aviators.

Jeff Edwards, a retired US Navy sonar technician and author of military and science fiction novels, talks about The Fountain War in the video above. In particular, he goes over the elements from the Fountain campaign alone that make it an ideal science fiction tale, and also looks at science fiction as a forward-looking genre.

The Fountain War is an ongoing Kickstarter project which is set to conclude on December 7. In addition to being a great way to bring the history of EVE Online to life in a way that will be engaging to any science fiction fan (and not just fans of the game), it’s about telling player stories. Send your tale to, or

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