Interview: Zao Amadues on RvB Solo PvP

Interviews like this are a nice departure from the old music and annotation in game videos. Has a bit of an NPR feel to it. Something you can listen to at work without being concerned about the content.
I like and hate rvb. I think its a good way to get fights but the fights are so meaningless. Their is no financial incentive and it has no real meaning other than boosting KB stats. I feel its a bad sign when players have to build their own arena system to get a good fight and in the designated pvp zones its a ghost town where it may be 30 minutes before you see someone only to get gang banged by someone with links, falcon alts, or a gaggle of his friends nearby only for the pride of that you solo pvp and fun fights.
Like NPR, however Johnny pew does not have an NPR voice. He sounds more like a hip radio DJ on an alternative rock station.

Long, but good! In this interview, Zao and I dicuss many aspects of EVE, but the primary focus is on the world of solo pvp. Zao Amadues has been an active solo combat pilot in RvB this past year. His livestream is one of the very few that is able to consistently show good fights throughout the livestream. If you would like to watch the stream, then follow his twitter account for notification of when he goes live or join the ingame chat channel provided below.

You can find Zao Amadues at his Twitter and Twitch page.

Ingame chat channel for EVE livestreams: CHAT STREAM

Just make it quick so we can get back to the roam.