HBC State of the Alliance Speech

The Honey Badger Coalition held a State of the Alliance to discuss upcoming challenges, a summary of the Delve offensive and upcoming policies, including a rental program. Inevitably, many are confused by a coalition meeting being labeled "State of the Alliance." Speakers included Montolio, the TEST CEO; Shadoo of Pandemic Legion fame and Paul Knuth for the Q&A session that followed.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Welcoming Raiden and The Initiative into the coalition.
  • TEST's financial situation.
  • Montolio's intent to avoid putting TEST at the center of the coalition's leadership.
  • Declining SoCo numbers in recent fights.
  • The Foxcat fleet doctrine and its usefulness against Tengu fleets.
  • The HBC's intent to be at the forefront of adapting to the upcoming ship changes in the winter.
  • Praising Wrik Hoover for routinely releasing SoCo comms recordings in short order.
  • The lifting of restrictions on supercapital sales outside of the HBC.
  • A rental policy that allows renters to live in TEST's Fountain space rather than paying to hold specific systems.

A more thorough point-by-point summary can be found here.

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