Friday Night Fights: Redemption

Similar to last week's video highlight, today's video is slightly dated (coming from the beginning of the year) but is an inspiring bit of solo PVP. Without ganglinks, Prometheus sets course across the stars to find explosions in a variety of ships in "Redemption," which is my personal favorite from his collection of very high quality videos. 

While there is a bit of variety in ship types in this video, including a Kronos, the centerpiece revolves around the use of the (then recently) buffed Minmatar Assault Frigate, the Wolf. Fit with small artillery cannons and a will to kite, Prometheus' Wolf makes short work of many an enemy. Also featured in the video are the Harpy, Enyo, Daredevil, Sacrilege and Deimos. 

Kick back and enjoy the ride.

Just a dude