Fanfest 2015: Emergent Threats Eve Trailer

EVE Online Fanfest 2015 Trailer: Emergent Threats

Every year at Fanfest during the Eve Keynote, CCP presents the player base with a new trailer to stoke the hype machine. This year was no exception. Beginning with the appearance of Caroline’s Star, the trailer is largely a recap of the Sleeper and Jovian related lore events that have happened over the past few months. The trailer succeeds in making the Drifters appear menacing, with Drifter battleships annihilating a smaller player fleet and then harvesting their corpses to rebuild other Drifters. Combined with soundbites from the Hydrostatic Podcast commenting on the events, the trailer actually makes lore seem exciting.

Thank you to Sarmatiko from Twitter for the screengrab of the Jove stargate

Oh, look they fixed the layout. Wait.. spoke too soon, it's broken again.