Fanfest 2015: Dust 514 Roundtable

DUST 514 - Collected Learnings

Soraya Xel brought a camcorder to Iceland to capture exclusive footage of the only Dust 514 content at Fanfest. In this footage, CCP Rattati presents a brief look at the past, present, and future of Dust 514. He lays out his roadmap of the next two releases for Dust 514 which include performance improvements, a new dynamic battlefield with moving objectives, improved matchmaking, player trading, and a rebalancing of planetary conquest to make it more fun and accesible to all players. Planetary conquest is also getting a new UI and more reasons to contest districts, including a new currency which unlocks unique items.

CCP Rattati expressed a desire for a stronger DUST tie to the Eve lore without making 1 to 1 mappings between Eve and Dust designs. Examples he gave were dynamic skyboxes showing Eve ships and ties to the Eve economy, as long as it wasn't exploitable. He also expressed interest in making a 32-player PvE mode where players could learn the game and experiment with fittings against AI targets. Referring to the game's playerbase, CCP Rattati stated that around 50% of the players are veterans and a large percentage of players put in more than 3 hours a day and login more than 16 days a month.

There was no mention of Project Legion.

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