Dread Drop, Best Drop

Since Retribution, we're seeing an uptick in fighting between lowsec pirate alliances, with deployment of capital ships becoming more and more popular. I participated in one such fight earlier this week. January 5 began as a typically quiet day in Genesis lowsec. The Royal Navy (TRN), a local pirate alliance, was camping the highsec entry gate in Gonditsa. Suddenly, local spiked. It was Shadow Cartel, hungry for blood.

The SC gang came into system with a Vindicator, a pair of Proteuses, an Abaddon and an Armageddon and took the long warp towards the highsec gate and attendant TRN gatecamp. Knowing the Cartel's tendency to drop capitals, the gatecamp scattered and began to reship, for scouts had just found the rest of the Shadow Cartel subcap fleet. Some hurried diplomacy resulted in TRN fleeting up with a Sinners of Solitude Coalition (primarily That Red Alliance and The Learning Curve) armor battleship fleet, and getting ready to engage.

Once the bulk of the fleet was getting close, the TRN vanguard returned to the gate and opened fire on the Vindicator. After a few moments, the Abaddon lit a cyno, and brought in a triage Archon to repair the damage. In response, a cyno from That Red Alliance went up and brought in a Moros and an Archon of their own. By this time most of the Shadow Cartel fleet subcapitals were on the field, and TRN was getting hit hard. Shadow Cartel upped the ante and dropped in 3 more Moroses and a Thanatos in an effort to finish off the other Moros. Around this time was when the cameraman and fleet landed. As logistics began to land, another cyno goes up, and roughly 20 dreads from Drunk n' Disorderly and company arrived to aid the Solitude fleet, making short work of the remaining Shadow Cartel capitals, and whatever subcapitals that were tackled in time. Most Shadow Cartel subcaps managed to escape, largely due to the confusion generated by DnD's arrival, but the outcome was clear: victory for the Solitude Coaltion and friends.

Thanks to Aliema for compiling the footage, and Shadow Cartel FC ItsmeHck1 and Solitude Coaltion FC Kurisu Makkashi for their help sorting out the sequence of events.

Final (slightly skewed) killboard here.

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