Death Rattle of an Erebus

As mentioned in the GSF CEO Update, Goonswarm, as part of its 'power down' from the Tribute war, is sending its combat squads out on individual deployments. Two such squads, Space Violence and European Goonion, have chosen Syndicate as their playground. After lagging behind in the unofficial competition with EG, SV shot into the lead Sunday night. Father Snuggles provided me with this battle report:

So Space Violence was busy with a pos-repping op in FD- when one of the local miscreant corps "Wag the Dog" decides to play undock games in a Drake with a Chimera to keep it repped and capped up.
Having already shat on a battlecruiser-gang earlier, the SV fleet decides to go the extra mile, so Deros and Percelus proceed to bump said Chimera off the undock, somehow motivating it to triage upon noticing things weren't exactly going its way.

Alas, to no avail.

Everywhere else in Eve, this is usually the end of the story.
In Syndicate, however, this leads to the CEO of the hapless guy in his Chimera to cyno in an Erebus 200km atop the station on a non-driveby spot with a non-driveby fitting to doomsday one of Tiberizzle's carriers without any support to batphone whatsoever.

Tiberizzle, with what I can only imagine to be the most prominent of erections, warps an Onyx up to get the initial tackle, followed by the rest of his carriers, rapidly refitting them to keep the hictor capped up and the Erebus neuted.

With the hardeners shut off and the titan going down increasingly fast due to more SV guys jumping on it, Suas [of "Fuck Goons" and "Little Bees" fame] suddenly hops onto comms, ecstatically announcing how he is, in fact, in a fucking roadside service station at 8am in the morning and has just accidentally sieged his dread on the undock, very much to our amusement.

Long story short: Space Violence murdered an Erebus with a grand total of 9 people.

I (Alikchi) was lucky enough to have deployed with SV the day before and recorded the video above. If you want to skip past the Thorax glamour-cam to the explosion, go to 5:30 or so. For another perspective, this time with fleet comms, courtesy of Tuxedo Catfish, click here

With any luck, Titans will keep dropping like flies. It has been a good few days for supercap haters.

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