Cascade Very Imminent: The Final Meeting, Recorded

This recording is of Archie, leader of doomed alliance Cascade Imminent, in which he tells the story of the alliance’s recent woes, discusses the relationship with AAA and announces that the entire alliance is invited to join NCdot.

Note that this recording was officially sanctioned, and was passed to us through our intel dropbox with the approval of the alliance leadership.

Since you are vain and shallow, and in order to allow you to skip to the bits that might mention you or your alliance by name, a summary is given below, with timestamps:

Meeting Timeline

2:00 "Fail as an alliance is going to be non-functional as of the end of this meeting."  The snide comment is that this is hardly a big change for people to get used to.

2:30 Lengthy series of valid criticisms of internet news reporting

3:30 History of where Cascade Imminent’s (Fail) current war started.

5:30 Account of issue of challenge of 1v1 Fail vs Unthinkables

7:15 Arrival of Nulli Secunda and Fail's reaction, general praise of Nulli.

8:25 Precautionarily Evac called; move to 77s

9:00 Account of the One Good Fleet Formup

10:00 Test show up; Archie gets a call from Montolio telling him that AAA would be prevented from helping Fail.  Test: bringers of death.

12:30 Traditional rant about CCP, tidi, lag and bombs.

13:00 Archie says that fight initially goes well, but that advantage couldn’t be pushed home.

15:00 The sorry tale of Archie’s progressive burnout.

17:00 Reasons behind the move from Querious to Detorid

18:00 Less money, mo’ problems

19:00 M’ money, even mo’ problems

20:30 More tales of burnout.  Some haunting background violin music.  Archie not bovvered.

22:00 As with everything in life, it turns out that a woman is the problem.  It’s all coming out now.  Archie starts morbidly homicidal ideation.

23:00 “Who wants to run this alliance [in a losing war]?”  Traditional eery silence.

25:00 Dirt promised on relationship with AAA.  Pencils are sharpened.  There is an audible tension in the air.

26:00 Fail started as “Brother Alliance” to AAA, but internal views of founders disliked AAA.  Maybe the foul history of Manfred Sideous will finally be revealed.  I cannot wait.

27:30 Happy music, soft-focus shots of AAA and Fail walking hand-in-hand along the beach, smiles everywhere, poignant memories of a happier time.  Fail definitely, absolutely not a pet.  Fail backs AAA in war versus DRF.

30:30 Maka praised fulsomely as big fleet FC, but dismissive of Fail as pets for a time.

32:00 Slightly hazy suggestions that Fail members or corps have guaranteed place in AAA.  Colour me dubious.  Archie should be careful to stop referring to “other pets of AAA” when devoting so much effort to denying pethood status!

34:00 More evidence that Test Alliance are the confirmed enemies of fun.  When will nullsec wake up and band together against this insidious threat to its very existence?

35:00 Praise of some random and apparently deeply unlikeable dude called EvilDead12.  Does this mean that there are at least eleven other members of the EvilDeadx series? Lots of injokes that can be pretty easily skipped up to the 37:10 mark.

37:15 Alliance ISK disbursement to corps for expenses and to carrier pilots.  Some cash being given out to individuals Archie chooses.  More boring insider stuff about some dude you’ve never heard of unless you’re a Fail member or unlucky GIA agent.  Skip to 39:15, to be honest.

40:00 “S0utherN Comfort” and“Militaris Industries” will be moving to NCdot.  Everyone in the alliance is told that they are allowed to come and join the two corps.  Having read NCdot leadership conversations involving complaints about one corp or another “open recruiting” for almost two years now, I can imagine that some people are choking on their morning coffee right now.

43:00 More tales of Riverini that professional courtesy stops me commenting upon.


Editorial Comment: For me, the very interesting news is that all members are invited to join the two corps moving to NCdot.  This potentially marks a 60% increase in the size of Northern Coalition., and speaking from experience even far smaller proportions of an alliance being added en masse can be very hard to assimilate, and can cause a degree of fragility and tension within an alliance.  I suspect that this offer will be tempered slightly in days to come.  Nonetheless, it marks a considerable and sensible shift towards bulking up by NCdot in the face of a large foe in an ongoing war.  Eve, after all, is essentially a numbers game.