Black Legion Alliance Meeting: "Spring Break"

Meeting Summary:

  • Opening speech on brotherhood, unity, etc.
  • Pod-Jumping to Curse until the CFC leaves K3: leave your fancy toys
  • Further plans TBD
  • Discussion of what to bring on the trip: frigates, interceptors, black ops, etc. 
  • Random Discussion

The mood was defiant on the Black Legion scene Saturday: a meeting to discuss the reaction to the camp on K3JR-J kicked off with a brave speech on how Black Legion will band together like good comrades to defend each other and regain their honor, etc. but promptly devolved into giggling at a Pizza joke (which I didn't quite get).  Being camped for over three days hasn't been much fun for Black Legion, so they've decided to pod jump down to Curse for the next couple weeks and live simple. No dreads, no capitals, just frigates, cruisers, and the like. Where Black Legion will wind up after that is unknown. The plan is apparently to have ships waiting in Curse and evacuate the heavy stuff later. Some wondered what they had done to warrant a 3 day station camp. BL members were reminded to keep a low profile on Kugutsumen and in local, and to not even log in capitals unless you felt "really, really lucky". They briefly discussed recording a fake alliance meeting so as to mislead It was then declared that this was "the best alliance meeting ever".

Black Legion appears to be taking this in stride. However, they've clearly had enough of the station camp and wish to get out of K3 with as little mess as possible, even if that means temporarily sacrificing assets to set up shop somewhere else. They don't appear to want to fight without some assurance of victory. It will be interesting to see where they end up. Will they eventually return to K3? 


Godspeed, Black Legion. 

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