BattleTech the Annotated Series: Episode 2


With three `Mechs and a stolen JumpShip under his command, Major Adam "Rodimus" Steiner takes his First Somerset Strikers to Tatooine to find themselves a fourth pilot. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring his boom mikes with him for this excursion and the audio quality is poor. Will Major Steiner be able to convince Jedi Master Mace Windu to join the SS, or will the savage machinations of Hoggish Greedly and the forces of Clan Goon Falcon end this 12 episode series in Episode 2?

(Poor audio quality, so make sure to double-check your sound after the video ends)

I'm a published BattleTech author who's also responsible for inflicting the "Let's All Play BattleTech and rewrite Inner Sphere history" thread on the Something Awful forums for the past 2+ years.