ATXI Reflective: CVA vs The R0nin

I'm not sure it's fair to criticise CVA for posturing at the beginning.Fine they weren't winning the match but they weren't losing it either.What decided that match was the megathron taking 50k damage and not dying. If it goes down CVA win easily, but with all that damage spent for nothing they had to lose.
90k per year is poverty level in San Fran.

When Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) faced off against The R0nin during Alliance Tournament XI, many were shocked to see CVA field a Legion. The Legion is rarely, if ever, seen during the Alliance Tournament. Throughout the match, CVA was able to keep the match in their favor against The R0nin's Kronos and Megathron fleet, which used Mauluses to damp out ships. Despite the ability to weather the early storm, CVA ended up losing the match due to questionable positioning and target choices in the later stages.

Thanks to Bacchanalian, Elise Randolph, SirSqueebles, and Apothne for their commentary.

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