Aridia: HBC's NOS Squad Fights Sadistica Alliance

(Editor's note: This description for the fight above comes to us from TEST's Jaffinator.)

Friday, April 12 

Following several weeks of POCO shoots and anchoring of POCOs in Aridia, HBC’s NOS Squad has announced (thread link) a full squad deployment to Aridia. NOS looks to continue the fights brought by Sadistica Alliance, N0ir, Infernal Octopus, Dragon Soul, Royal Navy, Extinction Level Event and others.

Friday served as the first “official” night of the deployment. A number of NOS POCOs were scheduled to come out of reinforcement and be available for destruction. NOS rage-formed armor battleships and support to defend their freshly-planted POCOs and made their way into Aridia from Delve. The NOS contingent was made up of a 48-man wing of battleships, cruisers, and logistical ships. 

Sadistica Alliance was able to field 65 pilots at the outset, with support from ELE and Royal Navy. Sadistica's fleet boldly jumped into dead-end Fageras to engage the HBC fleet at zero on the gate. The fight that both sides had been hoping for had finally come. 

NOS was easily able to take down the first group of primaries. However, seeing themselves outnumbered and bleeding at least two battleships early in the fight, NOS quickly called in triage support. In response, the Sadistica and Royal Navy pilots called in their own logistics carriers. Eventually, Sadistica also called upon Dreadnought support; NOS was caught unaware and lost one of their initial three Archons to the Dread's guns. NOS subcaps were able to primary down the Sadistica Naglfar, and a fourth HBC Archon joined the fray to supplement the HBC fleet. 

The battle continued to rage with the HBC fleet focusing the brunt of their damage on Sadistica's subcapital battlecruisers and battleships. Sadistica's smartbombing and neuting ships continued to level the playing field, effectively taking drones and logistics support out of the fight for long periods of time. Each side continued to escalate their capital numbers until the HBC was able to field a full Slowcat support fleet. With a friendly Dreadnought-class vessel and Slowcats on field, NOS was able to take the Lowsec capital fleet out of the battle and rout the Sadistica fleet. 

The butcher's bill nearly topped 20bil ISK total. The NOS-led HBC fleet lost slightly lower than 4bil ISK in assets. That left the Sadistica fleet to sustain losses of 14.5bil ISK in battleships, battlecruisers and capital ships. 

NOS will be in Aridia for the foreseeable future and looks forward to future engagements with Sadistica and other Lowsec entities. It is undeniable that each side has a new-found respect for the other as neither was willing to back down for the almost 25 minute battle. 

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