-A- Alliance Meeting - October

Against All Authorities (-A-) held an alliance meeting this Tuesday October 16th, detailing their plans for the coming weeks. Summary as follows:

  • Brief summary of the war to this point. HBC has blobbed -A-, and -A- has lost both space, and supercapitals.
  • Leadership encourages that -A- is still the best alliance on eve-kill, however their Russian corps have been "doing the shittiest job," and are asked to step up their game.
  • In the previous wars when PL has invaded -A- space, they have failed, and will fail again.
  • The primary defence of Catch will be conducted in US timezone.
  • GE- used to be the -A- capital system; however all the assets currently  n GE- should be PVP assets only, and what remains should be evacuated.
  • Primary objective for the campaign will be getting "good fights." Sovereignty is secondary to the health of PVP in the alliance.
  • -A- will take the same approach as they have historically and wait until the HBC moves on from Catch before they remove whoever HBC installs.
  • -A- will be assisting SOLAR against Gypsy Band.

At this point there was an interruption for the supercapital fiasco. TS recording of the fight can be found at the end of the article. The meeting then resumed:

  • US timezone will be based out of LGK for now.
  • Discussion about how despite -A- losing all of their space, they will come back again when the time is appropriate.
  • Discussion about how -A- should not be responsible for whether or not their renters bot.

Original link to the alliance meeting:

Recording of the supercapital incident during the meeting:

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