"But you have heard of us" - TEST MilDir Update

(Editor's Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. This is a TEST Military Update from newly-installed Military Director Ingen Kerr)

Compliments of Jack Lo from this post. I cannot begin to explain how perfect this is.

It seems I've inherited a house on fire.

With NCdot off in the east, and the threat of their supers gone with them, Goons and co. have gone on an RF'ing spree. I’m sure I don’t need to reiterate what you all already know. They've taken about a third of the non-NPC space in the region and plenty of the rest is reinforced, including the ancestral homeland of TEST, 6VDT.

I’m not much for speeches and I’ve no stomach for spin. I’ll keep this to the point.


As of right now, we have three doctrines.

  1. Prophecies
  2. AHACs
  3. Bombers (of the goku, regular cloaky bomber, and torp varieties)

Rokhs and Foxcats we're keeping in our pockets in case the time comes when they'll be useful, but don't expect many pings for now. Shit like Talwars and Thrashers are obviously awesome and super cool. I'm not listing them because they're not a strat op doctrine (by themselves) but they obviously own and we can and should do great shit with them. Also, the above three doctrines include Blackbirds and Celestes of course. Never not EWAR.

The Return of the Dread Cache

I woke this morning to find two contracts in Karan which contained fourteen fitted dreadnoughts. So we once again have a dread loaner cache. Whenever we take out dreads, loaners will be available. I think there’s an info graphic floating around somewhere about the procedure for checking them out. It’s pretty simple in any case.

The Bigger Picture

So NCdot decided to haze ROGUE, an alliance that the CFC installed as a buffer in the drones. They've also finishing stomping down the umpteenth time SOLAR has tried to sneak back into relevance. The folks living down south are, well they’re shooting each other and nobody else much cares. Closer to home, there’s apparently some friction between BL and the CFC. Not sure exactly how it will pan out, but one thing is clear: the true winner of this war is Elo Kinght. He’s taken 750 billion ISK from Goons (plus however much they've paid out to reimburse his losses) and he’s had free rein to shoot them at the same time. Yo Booda, maybe we’re doing this alliance thing the wrong way.

6VDT-H - July 28, 19:44 Eve

If this update were posted a day ago, this is where I’d tell you about the longer term plan, the orders I’ve given to our FCs to run regular ops in EU and US timezones, how we would respond to the CFC’s recent gains and the plan for pushing them back. But we've got a more immediate concern. On Sunday, right in the middle of EU and US timezones, the 6VDT station exits shield reinforce. I don’t have to tell you the significance of this station. You can be sure the CFC knows it too.

Here’s the game plan: We’re forming and under no circumstances are we standing down. If we are outnumbered 50:1, still we’re going in. We've been told that forming for this timer is stupid, that this is exactly what the CFC wants us to do, that we are—to turn a phrase—exactly where they want us.

A smart alliance in our situation—12,000 facing off against three times that number—would probably look for other options. But we are not a smart alliance. We’re TEST. This is what we do.

Get your Prophecies, your AHACs, and your armor logi ready to go. Newbros, polish up your Blackbirds and your Celestes. Duders with special ships, check your respective channels. And get ready for a big goddamn brawl.

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