WoT: SerB Facts July - “How Terrible”

Serb is an egotistcal pedafile with syphilis and deserves the fires of hell....how terrible. Way to fuck up what was once a great game.
How old is Serb? 10? 11?
are you serious?! serb is such a stuck up self pretentious asshole. seriously.
I would name my next Battleship "How Terrible", if it wasn't slated to be "LCU Ill-Acquainted With Gravitas"...
Changes to my beloved Vk4502A & B? I can't even think of a reaction that expresses the need for a "how terrible"... how sad.
"asks players to send Wargaming any data they might have." Sure "players ask Wargaming any money they might have."
Ah, I was experiencing a bit of a gravitas shortfall.
I'm not really seeing the artillery "nerf" everyone keeps complaining about. I do like seeing fewer artillery in high tier matches though. It's easier to kill the hell out of people when I'm not competing with 4 other guns to land a shell first. After the matches last night to bring things "Over 9000!" I'll be bringing my Lorraine out of retirement.
Whole "Hahuel" thing comes from tank name resembling Russian foul language. So basically it is "on the edge" joke and SerB plays along.
SerB is not fond of low Tier premium tanks, he believes they promote 'seal clubbing'Oh god. I club more people in the Pz1C and Cruiser Mk.II than I ever did in the T-127. If I kill someone with the T-127 it's because they're a clown. If I kill someone with the 3.7" howitzer on the Cruiser Mk.II it's because I'M a clown.
i wanna kill him so badly...
T18 hue hue hue
Most of my clan has sold their GW's and you do see less Arty in both Randoms, CW and TC's now. I really don't understand how nerfing them into oblivion is a balancing solution when a player cap was. I guess SerB made up his mind and using the sensible solution would have injured his pride or something.
I play what's fun, and dropping artillery shells on smug heavy engine decks is fun

It's that time again! We have another collection of questions and answers from the RU forum. SerB finally admits that he likes answering players' questions — it's relaxing. 

There are some interesting facts about upcoming features — 8.8 will see a new Soviet Tier X; 8.9 will feature the 2nd German Tank Destroyer line; Chinese Tank Destroyers will come in 2014 and they're definitely working on the hull unification feature — this will allow tanks to upgrade their hulls.

In other news, SerB gives away that the FV4201 Chieftain is being worked on, the last four tanks in the German Medium branch will get re-balanced, some of the new German Tank destroyers will feature auto-loaders and 30 vs 30 battles — played on larger maps — is in the pipeline. He also states that Wargaming needs more information on Japanese tanks — specifically Heavies and Tank Destroyers — and asks players to send Wargaming any data they might have.

Plenty of interesting information on Wargaming's plans for the rest of 2013 and early 2014. 

If you're interested in what is in store for 8.7, check out our preview. Don't forget to check out our other World of Tanks news and features, which can be found here.

Credit for the original translations goes to Silent Stalker and we use these with his express permission.

  • The 2nd German Tank Destroyer branch will come in 8.9.
  • 8.8 will come in August/September and feature 5 new tanks including the Tier X Object 430. The introduction of this tank doesn't mean existing branches will be changed.
  • In respect to the questions about skill-based Match Makers: “There will be no skill MM. If you improve your skill, you will have the right to pwn.”
  • SerB explains “free to win” versus “free to farm”: “Free to win is a system in which all the combat options are available to both paying and not paying players. Free to farm is a dream of noobs, who don’t want to farm neither in the game, nor in real life. That won’t be implemented.”
  • According to SerB, the auto-loader tanks are balanced. The core difference is the real tanks had to stop to reload the magazines. Wargaming won't implement this as it would slow down the pace of the game.
  • SerB says British designs were typically compact: “Take Matilda and Churchill as examples. Everything is correct.”
  • Question: “Will you introduce high penetrating premium tanks?” Answer: “How about a ‘pwn everyone’ button?”
  • Questions about the Superpershing being sold back to the game for gold: “When it’s done, it’s done.”
  • Players are asking questions about the T54, T69, and VK3601 and if they'll receive further Premium ammunition changes — Serb says: “If needed, while taking historicity into account.”
  • Question: “Auto-loader tanks are overpowered!” Answer: “How terrible. Get an auto-loader too and pwn. Of course, skilled players will destroy you while you reload your drum and you will start whining again – too bad. In this case, medicine is powerless.”
  • Foch 155 overpowered 1v1?  SerB says: “This game is not about 1v1 combat. Flank him, catch him when he’s reloading.”
  • While the Match Maker gives preferential match making for newly unlocked tanks, if the server population is low this can be overridden. 
  • Question: “I have too little FPS!” Answer: “Upgrade your abacus at least to calculator, clean it up inside, update drivers etc.”
  • According to SerB, the Foch 155's disadvantages are: “Long reload, thin side armor.”
  • If you have the elite status on KV-1S, it will stay elite once the MT-25 is introduced.
  • Question: “Arty was overnerfed…” Answer: “Oh my, we forgot to ask your opinion when we did it :( But yes, your opinion is very important to us.”
  • After a player complained the T2LT's MM was nerfed, Serb says: “Don’t play T2LT”.
  • There is a plan to remove inaccurate Panther/E-50 engines, while improving the terrain resistance. The vehicle mobility will remain the same.
  • There is a general plan to re-balance the Panther, Panther II and E50, the aim being historical accuracy. SerB says to “expect a small buff to tiers 7, 8, and 9 of that branch.”
  • SerB has an idea to push the E50 to Tier X and give it the option to use the E50M hull. A new Tier IX Panther would be created which uses a GT101 gas turbine.
  • If the E50 and E50M are unified, the E50M hull will simply become a hull option for the E50.
  • SerB doesn't want to create fake tanks even though he admits that the E50M is mostly a Wargaming invention, based on real life designs and solutions. Editors note: The E50M is what was originally requested, the E50 is what ended up on the blue prints. 
  • A low tier medal for achieving a large number of kills won't be added, as it promotes the farming of newer players.
  • Storm says: "Panthers will lose unhistorical top engines and possibly gain new historical ones," he states that overall the top configuration gameplay won’t change.
  • Regarding the hull module implementation, the Centurions and Panthers will most likely not be unified as one vehicle. 
  • SerB says the number of SPGs per battle has been reduced by a factor of 3 after 8.6.
  • There are no plans to limit the number of Tank Destroyers in battles. 
  • SerB says that some players have tried, unsuccessfully, to take Wargaming to court: “Apparently, he who has enough time for a trial also has enough money for lawyers, who then advise him not to put this in front of a judge, because the whole claim is futile.”
  • If your T-50-2 tank commander has radioman perks and he gets transferred to MT-25, his radioman perks will stay. It will be possible in this instance to have two crew members with radioman perks.
  • Some players are complaining that when the T-50-2 crew moves to the MT-25, their Brothers in Arms skill won't work, as an additional crew member will be required. SerB says: “How terrible” and “The switch was announced a year ago, you could have chosen another.”
  • Question: “Is it true that the T-50-2 was removed, because it was causing butthurt to one of the developers?” Answer: “No. Judging by your questions, one of the developers is obviously not the one with butt hurt. I suggest you put a ventilator under your chair!”
  • When the MT-25 is added, players will receive a Radioman crew member at 100%. This is irrespective of the T-50-2's crew experience.
  • SerB says it’s technically not possible to introduce free consumables and shells for training rooms.
  • New detracking sounds are in the works.
  • It's theoretically possible that Object 430U will appear as a Tier X Soviet Heavy, but there is a problem with the branch leading to it.
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