WoT: May SerB Facts

And yet again... we learn very little about the game and a great deal about the weird bottom-dwelling geeks that WoT dredges up.
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the russian hack looks real nasty, if it really works and wargaming can't regulate the use of mods or dll this is going to be the end of all cw for wot.
Ask a Dev (SerB) is not a place to get tons of useful info. Russian forums are very big and naturally there are tons of whiners and tinfoil people. They are constantly trying to prove Dev`s that they know better. Starting from game patch number (i`ve seen petitions that there are to many changes in 0.8.6 patch, so it should be renamed into 0.9.0 and Dev`s are incompetent because they named patch wrong), to ideas on how to make a game or run a company (usually based on the fact that tinfoil person has better winrate than SerB). So it`s more of "a game of trolls" for SerB, rather than reliable place to get tons of new info.
Please leave space after every sentence in the list for the huge wall of texts intimidates me.
Unfortunately Wargaming is pretty terrible on how it handles its player communications so for the most part, this is all we have to learn about what is coming up. That and leaked supertest stats.
While WG translate and prepare announcements for English speaking players, i`ll try to speculate a bit:1. Arty isn`t going to get nerfed. I mean, yes there will be an increase of accuracy, but WG is making changes to aiming mechanics so even with the increased accuracy arty will work prety much the same it works now. Though tanks and TD will receive accuracy boost allowing to engage on a greater distance and fire quicker. Basically WG admitted that they are using 1.3sigma right now wich leads to situation where 19.4% of the shots can go "off grid" and on 0.8.6 they are finally going change it into 2sigma which will lead to only 4.6% of the shots to land "off grid". Furthermore if you about to get this 4.6%unlucky shot, your result will be recalculated by the server. So players will a lot less likely get those unlucky shots.2. Gold ammo will be able to rebound and the way they interact with the spaced armor will be reworked. So basically it will be harder to penetrate tanks with massive spaced armor (like Mouse or T95 side armor).3. Camouflage will be reworked. Right now bonus from camouflage is multiplicative with tank base camouflage value (f.e. tank X has 100 base camouflage, than equipping a net or paint will add +5% or 5 camouflage points). In 0.8.6 camouflage bonus will be flat (f.e. tank X has 100 base camouflage, than equipping a net or paint will add flat Y amount of camouflage points). This will make life easier for a big tanks. Thus WG is going to remove bug(feature) with the firing from 15m behind the bushes.4. Arty and TD exp rates are going to get boosted. Right now arty is getting 50% exp penalty for all actions and TD 33% for all actions. In 0.8.6 this penalties will be removed.That was stated in WG LiveJournal community by community manager and dev, who leads balancing team.Info is in Russian. You can convo or evemail Noel Gaterau for all the details or links, or just wait for Overlord`s blog entry. It should be soon.
We'll be covering the mechanics change in our 8.6 Preview, the sigma changew as actually on the EU forums the other day but we'll hold off on the actual printing of this (and anything else) until 8.6 details are more concrete, as the number of balance changes looks to be huge. In reference to 'gold' rounds and space armour, it looks like its just HEAT that is getting changed as the mechanics for AP and APCR rounds already has a similar mechanic to this, and in many cases these are both gold rounds for some tanks.So far from the supertest Artillery will get nerfed with a longer reload time across the board and in some cases the accuracy reduced. However these are just rumours right now.
1. this is a mess2. latest dev statements have experience moving with arty that is changing tiers, not staying at tier3. batmobile/40t had irl 4 crew, as I'm sure you meant to type4. really there is a lot wrong here but ugh
This is a collection of comments from the RU forums, its statements that SerB and Storm have made.1. So is your use of capitalisation and grammar, but I'll let it slide.2. Can you post where you saw this? There have been multiple statements by Serb saying experience won't move with tiers. 3. Take it up with SerB (and good luck with that ;) ), he says 3, we reprinted what he said. 4. If you can provide better translations then please use the contact button and provide them, you'll get due credit.
1. disqus ate my first post, and is trying to eat this one. also explains 4.2. http://ftr-wot.blogspot.co.uk/... was where I first saw this scurrilous rumor, and further searching has not turned up SerB's later contradiction. Got to be some time after May 8th. I suppose I don't know and I'll run with your information.3. Wikipedia, actual french armor history. I don't mean to shoot the messenger. Indeed, please continue to literally translate as opposed to correct, I seriously want to know what the devs are thinking rather than what they want me to think they are thinking. It's an important job you are doing.4. I SAID I DON'T MEAN TO SHOOT THE MESSENGER JEEZ

Welcome to another collection of SerB and Storm facts! In this latest batch, amongst other items, SerB and Storm discuss multi-turreted tanks, new game mechanics, the addition of new Light and Medium Premiums, the possibility of players from one server cluster fighting those from another and a number of interesting comments surrounding the illegal mod pack and how Wargaming might tackle the problem.

As 8.6 details are starting to appear, we've singled them out and placed them at the bottom of the feature for easier digestion. As always and expected, themittani.com will do a full preview of 8.6, with a full break down of the huge balance changes which are heading our way.

As always credit for the translations goes to Silent Stalker. 

  • In the premium garage you can zoom further than in the basic garage, this is intended and any additional zoom won't be added to the basic garage because "walls are in the way"
  • The only objects in game that can cause shells to ricochet are tanks. Anything else would be "A waste of resources".
  • In respect to the subcaliber rounds for the Konisch gun, SerB states that even the silver ammo for it is historically subcaliber (it contains a steel core instead of tungsten), it was only designated as AP so people don't get confused.
  • A post battle chat system won't be introduced because it would only serve for people to insult each other.
  • The main gun for the T-35 tank will most likely be the 76mm KT gun, and will most likely be Tier IV
  • Of the current vehicles in-game, the multi-turreted mechanism will be applied to M3 Lee, perhaps even to Char B1 but that is still being considered because the Char B1hull gun had 0 traverse.
  • The multi-turret mechanism has been complicated to implement.
  • A multi-turreted Premium Tank will be implemented when the feature is added to the game.
  • According to SerB, damaged tracks have no influence on vehicle performance
  • An option to recieve only messages from friends is being implemented.
  • SerB on the calls for a SPG hardcap to be added: "We don't want to implement severe matchmaking restrictions. This leads to distortions in vehicle balance and in the matchmaker mechanism. Also, if you limit one class, it will lead to whining and calling for hardcaps for tier 8 premiums, light tanks etc. This alone is reason enough."
  • In respect to making a teamkiller blue after two shots in a row aimed at allies, this won't be implemented. They believe it will lead to more players accidentally turning blue.
  • SerB states the problem of clipping and driving through ground objects can't entirely be avoided but the number of times this happens has dropped.
  • British Shermans will be implemented but "when it's done it's done."
  • According to SerB, the British didn't have any turretless TD bigger than Tortoise, so the replacement of FV215b (183) and its transfer to the turret TD branch won't happen.
  • A one click ignore list clean-up won't be added, according to SerB it would only help account hijackers.
  • The E-100 will not get the "Henschel turret," because that's a fake. If the E-100 gets a new turret, it will be the Maus turret with the 128mm and 150mm guns.
  • New crew skills be will be introduced "If needed."
  • The problem with adding captured tanks is "the absence of the conditions of their introduction."
  • Special rewards for achievements won't be introduced.
  • It's possible that perks unique to each nation will be introduced.
  • The ignore list won't be made longer.
  • Past achievements for killing vehicles that have moved tier will not be affected by this movement.
  • According to SerB, it's not guaranteed that top tier arties will get new modules, but it could happen.
  • The option for players to deselect their least popular maps has not been scrapped, but it will come "when it's done."
  • Question: "How is it justified that purely German Marder I is in the French tree?" Answer: "Want justice? Go to Hague tribunal. Want answers? Read earlier posts." 
  • The Superpershing's spaced armor won't be buffed, they aren't meant to serve against HEAT rounds and their thickness is sufficient to deflect most AP rounds.
  • The KV5's gun will not be buffed.
  • In respect to tanks without a specific radioman, these perks can be unlocked by the Commander, although its agreed they'd be more useful on the Loader.
  • SerB states that despite the raging forum e-lawyers threatening to sue WG, no cases have been brought to court. He states WG has a powerful team of lawyers while internet e-lawyers are silly.
  • Subcaliber core materials by itself has no additional effect on penetration mechanics.
  • The Type-59 will not return to the shop.
  • Regular/free XP won't be transferrable for gold to crew XP.
  • In order to get a WG press account, you have to be an accredited journalist. 
  • World of Tanks won't be ported into a browser game, as performance would be poor.
  • SerB is not considering any changes to the FV215b and in respect to a replacement, they've not found a suitable tank. Authors Note: They were previously looking at the Chieftain.
  • It's possible the B2 premium tank will appear in shops again.
  • Again, a skilled base MM won't be implemented. 
  • It's possible that when the Somua S35 gets introduced as a regular vehicle, the German premium Somua S35 will get removed from the shop however when the captured vehicles get added, it might be added back.
  • Serb is investigating the VK3002DB's MM weight as it may be too high. 
  • Experimental vehicles in game won't be replaced by "serial" ones.
  • Question: "Are real life tank soldiers using World of Tanks as a training software?" Answer: "Yeah, and the infantry gets World of Warcraft!"
  • The Type 79 with a rifled 105mm won't appear.
  • Changes for the Maus and other super heavies wil be done "As necessary".
  • All tanks have the same ratio of increased gun spread with damaged or undamaged guns. The same applies for the gunner, if he's dead or alive and no tank is an exception to this.
  • SerB says the arcade mode firing of artillery is OK the way it is.
  • SerB says the target audience for World of Tanks has not changed. During the game livespan however, certain audience segments have disappeared, but SerB won't give any details.
  • If you leave a battle due to a disconnection and the battle ends, you won't get a negative result. The only thing that will cause this is if you deliberately leave the battle yourself.
  • The sound effects used in the 8.0 video will not be added to the game.
  • In respect to new US or UK TD's in upcoming patches: "Will tell when the time is right"
  • Regarding the second Soviet TD branch being used with aggressive, fast tactics: "All TD's shoot from behind the bushes, simply from behind different ones. Some shoot behind those that take long time to reach with slow speeds."
  • Fingerprint account authorization is not planned, because "collecting private data" legal issues would be involved.
  • Regarding the Nvidia related bug where the client crashes when opening a Tech Tree, this is reported as fixed with the last Nvidia-issued drivers.
  • The aforementioned Nvidia bug can still appear when using the "Jove" mod pack, according to some players.
  • A special "developer-recommended" mod list will appear at some point.
  • The unification between WoWp and WoT accounts won't happen until the testers in WoWp stop getting gold for free.
  • The option to pick either "more XP" or "more credits" as a reward when the battle is over won't be implemented.
  • In response to the question about an official reload timer: "when it's done it's done" but not in 8.6.
  • The current replay system won't support older replay versions
  • According to SerB, the new Tier X "special" tanks will be awarded for outstanding merits. 
  • There is no Howitzer on the Type-58 because it's not historically acccurate.
  • According to SerB, the dimensions of tanks in the game are historical, for those vehicles that existed on paper only, the dimensions are taken "from analogical machines"
  • The new SEA server statistics system will most likely be applied to other servers.
  • According to SerB, large HE shells could do a lot of damage on enemy tanks.
  • Apparently, the "Konisch" AP shell was not historical, it was introduced so that the gun has cheap alternative to the golden rounds
  • In respect to an alternative to the FV215b 183 TD, "No comment"
  • Wargaming has enough information on the Japanese trees now.
  • Its unlikely there will be championships based around the Historical Battles mode.
  • Historical battles won't be connected with clanwars.
  • The rumor about the introduction of another premium vehicle with an autoloader is just that.
  • The dozer blades and recoil mechanisms on artillery, where present, act as spaced armour.
  • The French premium Marder I and the B2 arty won't be transferred to the German tree.
  • SerB says the high-angle turret roof penetrations are okay
  • Most of the map developers that made the first Himmelsdorf, Karelia and other maps are still working at Wargaming. Generally all the maps up to the Pearl River came from these people. 
  • The T-100 1964 Soviet light tank is not currently planned for WoT.
  • The experimental SPG GAZ-75, IT-45 and IT-76 will be disclosed in due time.
  • Question: "Why can WoT tweaker disable some of the options your client cannot?" A: "Because on minimal recommended configuration the game can run without the tweaker"
  • Prokhorovka encounter probability was not increased.
  • SerB says Prokhorovka encounters don't end either too soon or with low scores.
  • SerB says the player described problem where encounter battles appear too often when encounter is enabled but assault is not does not exist.
  • SerB about the Premium T44: "When it's done it's done."
  • Will the premium T-44 will have limited MM and the same gun as T-34/85? "Tests will show".
  • Question: "Does having a tank camouflage have any negative effect on the tank?" A: "Yes, kiddie noobs kill such players with special fury while yelling 'kill the wallet warrior!!!111'" .
  • SerB on the Sturmtiger: "when it's done it's done."
  • Question: "Is the game set so that German tanks don't get effective armor increase when angling the tank?" Answer: "No, not in general, that was just made for your tanks especially."
  • It's possible the new effects improvement being prepared for night battles and weather effects will also bring better explosions, nicer waterfalls etc.
  • The module damage system hasn't been changed.
  • The SU-85 with 107mm gun won't return as a premium vehicle but it "might return in another way".
  • All major nations will have a premium SPG vehicle but these won't appear at the same time.
  • In respect to the idea of one AP shell penetrating multiple tanks: "won't be done because it would stress the server".
  • When Havok is implemented, ammunition rack explosions will lift the turret off the tank. 
  • SerB uses his own ideas to improve the game, not the community's: "90 percent of ideas from gaming community are stupid, 9 percent are not realizable and 0,99 percent from the remaining 1 percent are already planned"
  • Apparently the German "dunkelgelb" yellow color scheme won't be implemented as base color. Authors note: This would be the historical default colour scheme, more historical for the majority of German tanks than the default grey.
  • Apparently the Jagdmaus is not planned for now.
  • The T-34 has two engines: 480 hp and 500 hp and the difference is a 4.2 percent increase, but according to SerB this does not mean that when buying the new engine, the overall tank dynamics is increased by 4,2 percent. The difference is apparently more because the horse power dynamics increase is nonlinear.
  • Several tanks have more rangefinder modules that affect visibility, hitting more than one does not however decrease the tank viewrange even more, for viewrange calculation they all count as one.
  • According to SerB, the Jagdmaus had the same armament variants as the Jpz E-100.
  • No more special Tier X vehicles are planned, for now.
  • According to SerB, the special Tier X vehicles will be very difficult to get.
  • There were cases where other developers wanted to implement something and SerB said "no," but also cases where other developers didn't want something, but SerB pushed it through.
  • Question: "Why do all trees make the same sound when they fall?" Answer: "Because the game is not called World of Falling Tree Sounds."
  • IS-6 gun won't be buffed.
  • Combat chat after your vehicle is destroyed won't be disabled.
  • There will be premium Light tanks of Tier IV and above in the future.
  • Tank render pictures that are published on the WoT portal have low priority.
  • Gold shells won't be limited to 30% of carried ammo because "it's not needed."
  • SerB still likes to play WoT for fun, not just as work.
  • Even though Object 268 is based on IS-8, the hulls look different because they were different in real life):

  • Credit to Gold transfers and Premium Tanks for credits won't be implemented
  • Air resistance is not in game. 
  • Time of day battle and weather effects are already developed for quite some time, but they won't be implemented until the effect are optimized.
  • Eventually, spaced armour will work specifically against HEAT shells.
  • Thick mudguards do count as armor, thin don't.
  • Maps inside buildings are not planned. 
  • Japanese tank branch will also get post war tanks.
  • The Japanese Type 60 SPG will most likely not appear.
  • SerB on the Panzerjäger 35R: "If we decide to implement it, I will tell"
  • Tanks in night battles will use night vision equipment, it will most likely be added as optional equipment but its still to early to talk about specifics.
  • Smokescreens will be implemented after the effects are optimized.
  • Putting the Marder I into French Tree was basically a Wargaming economy decision.
  • The idea to implement German voices for German crews, Russian for Russian crews etc. has not been scrapped, but for various reasons it been delayed, the problem with it is according to SerB the "size of the client."
  • It's possible tanks will get new modules for research, SerB is considering making various hull versions researchable.
  • Archives are being searched for possible EU tree vehicles.
  • Tier IX premium tanks won't be implemented.
  • Tier 8 "gold" premium tanks with improved credit income won't be implemented.
  • When making maps, WG uses free-to-use map tools, such as Google Maps.
  • It's possible that a system will be added where tanks can have preset setups, i.e. one for Clan Wars, one for Randoms.
  • On his KV5, SerB uses BIA and repair skills and takes 10 gold shells with him to randoms.
  • When you survive a battle, your amount of remaining HP has no influence on bonus XP/credits.
  • Guns eating shells unhistorical? "Historically, the tip of the gun is far from the armor. Want realism? Join the army."
  • Wargaming did encounter the Jagdmaus project in the German archives.
  • Devs traditionally don't want to touch Premium vehicles. Regarding the promo vehicles however, this rule is not set in stone.
  • Random battles on average last 7 minutes.
  • Players opinions are not taken into account when buffing or nerfing tanks.
  • According to SerB, several tenths of a percent of total accounts were stolen on RU server.
  • It's possible to flip tanks but it won't be implemented before Havok.
  • The RU251, the Tier VIII German LT will come "later".
  • The IS-7 mantlet doesn't have any bugged spots.
  • Regarding new maps being used for assault and encounter: "we add modes on maps if possible".
  • It's possible a San Francisco map with the Golden Gate will appear in a future update.
  • It's possible that at some point some maps will be made exclusively for encounter or assault, but it's not planned for now.
  • The Supersherman and FL-10 Sherman as French premiums or even Israeli Tree? "All variants are possible, but we don't comment on further branch development."
  • Westfield assault will return when it's fixed.
  • Mass for shells is not planned. 
  • No new game modes are planned any time soon.
  • Bigger battles, with more than 15vs15 tanks are not planned for any time soon.
  • An increase in polygons for models won't happen this year.
  • Regarding the Tier X artillery rebalance: "Tests will show."
  • Historical battles are still planned, but it's too early to give details.
  • The steam-powered KV Yuri Pasholok about had apparently around 400 brake horsepower according to documentation.
  • The Tiger is unsuitable to become a Premium Tank.
  • SerB on trolling players: "Not players, but retards. Those are different categories."
  • The S-51 has been significantly nerfed inline with the 8.6 Artillery changes.
  • There is not enough German artillery vehicles for another full branch.
  • The M7 second turret weight is okay according to SerB.
  • A new platoon search system will be implemented.
  • Transfers of credits from one player to another are not planned, but it's possible the gold will be transferrable.
  • On the RU server there is an option to send data to Wargaming to improve the game. According to Wargaming allot of RU players have chosen to do this.
  • SerB likes the WoT: Generals project, but prefers regular WoT.
  • Damaging your tank by crashing into a stone/building is not planned.
  • According to SerB, snowy maps have the same traction as regular ones, eg. tanks don't drift more on snow... for now.
  • 76mm penetration on 59-16 is "historical", the 76mm gun is more or less analogical to the Soviet D-56T.
  • It's very unlikely old premium tanks will get an overhaul, even a visual one.
  • It's confirmed that newly unlocked tanks have a limited matchmaking weight unless there is a very low number of players, in which case this rule is suspended
  • The T58 Heavy will most likely not appear in the game.
  • It's possible Americans will get a new Tier VIII Light Tank.
  • There will probably be no American TD's with autoloaders, SerB can't remember any.
  • Crewmembers dying from engine fire won't be implemented.
  • There is a chance that crew members can die from ramming.
  • SerB on why premium tanks must be worse than regular ones: "We don't sell pwnage for money. If you are a good enough player to compensate for the premium tank disadvantages, you can both pwn and farm. Otherwise either you can farm, or you can pwn. And enjoyment has to be archieved by raising your skill. Otherwise it's some kind of narcomania."
  • Wargaming employees sometimes play companies, they are "above average".
  • If two scouts light up one enemy target, the XP given for spotting is given to the tank the server declared to be first to detect it.
  • It's possible that the Königstiger and Jagdtiger will have their max speed buffed like the IS-7 did, but not the horsepower.
  • The option to select the look of your hangar has been considered, but is low priority.
  • The moving Panther in the tutorial was done as an "active element". According to SerB, it's principally possible to make maps with such things as moving trains and cars, but this won't be done for now in World of Tanks.
  • 57mm autoloaded S-60 gun is not planned for now, but it might appear eventually if with the inclusion of the PT-76.
  • In respect to the new Tier VIII Premium Medium Tanks? "When it's done, if at all".
  • The tank mobility calculation won't be published, SerB says it's "very complicated".
  • SerB says in respect to Premium Medium Tanks with an autoloader: "If we ever plan such a thing, we'll tell you".
  • All servers have the same game mechanics, this won't change.
  • In the very distant future, it's possible there will be researchable tank hulls as modules.
  • Tank visual models are being remade over time in preperation for the tank flipping mechanics, as the current tanks do not have modelling in fine detail on the underside, like hatches. SerB says this won't be a deciding feature however if the tank flipping mechanics are implemented before the remodelling is finished. 
  • If the client gets disconnected, extended results of the fight become inaccessible. This is intentional to save up on data transfer. SerB says "there is no point to transfer data when the client is shut down."
  • The IS-4 with the D-25T is historical. 
  • One of the big things the developers are working on right now are the e-sports functions.
  • When a tank is coming directly at you, it's possible to detrack it by shooting anywhere in the tracks, not just the wheels or sprockets. 
  • The new sound engine will improve overall sounds in the game. 
  • World of Tanks on consoles? SerB says "If there is ever such a thing, it'll be kept separate from PC WoT server-wise."
  • According to SerB, the new Tier IX tanks are both historical and balanced.
  • The only Japanese tank already modelled is the Chinese Chi-Ha.
  • Japanese high Tier tanks will be unique. They'll generally be very large, larger than the Maus but with less armour.
  • It's expected that 19 Japanese tanks will be introduced.
  • There will be new German camouflage schemes added this year.
  • Storm is aware of the cheat mod issue and Wargaming is investigating it. It's not yet decided what kind of measures they will take in response and they're still discussing it. According to Storm, the cheats in the modpack are "not really that terrible."
  • One of the solutions put forward to stop cheats is introducing a systems of certified mods, approved and certified by Wargaming.
  • According to Storm, most players like Pearl River and it won't be taken down.
  • Devs considered transferring free XP to crew XP, but felt is was too in line with "pay to win", which Wargaming is keen to avoid.
  • It's not known for now whether the amount of XP needed to train skills/perks will be reduced
  • Wargaming is working on high end content but Storm doesn't see the current lack of it as a problem.
  • The rate of which tanks are being implemented has been reduced roughly two times.
  • Wargaming is upset at the Nvidia related bugs. 
  • Deathmatch will not be introduced.
  • The 25% random factor will not be reduced.
  • A system of battlefield 'quests' (no specific details on what this means) is being looked into. 
  • Storm agrees that social aspects of the game are in need of development.
  • Wargaming wants to introduce more elements of 'fair play' and a 'fair environment' into World of Tanks.
  • 7 vs 7 battles will be implemented.
  • Storm of War Thunders garage battle mode: "What if you enter a garage battle and in first minutes you realize your teammates are retards and you will have to lose several of your vehicles?"
  • Female voices for World of Tanks are not currently planned.
  • In respect to requests for a US Tier VII or VIII premium TD and a Russian Tier VI premium SPG: "If necessary"
  • It's not realistic to expect retroactive medal awards
  • The Aufklärungspanzer Panther "will get a Mk103 cannon if the players who ask for it find a proof such a cannon was planned for it - really was planned, not just could fit." SerB says the tank is statistically fine. 
  • The velocity of the Batchat 155's shells have not been nerfed.
  • There have been no changes to the Matilda Black Prince. Some players suggested its frontal armour was reduced. 
  • The Auto repair function of the Premium Repair kit activates only when the module is reaches 50% or less of its hit points (50% is the point where the module goes yellow).  It won't auto repair when it has 51% or more hit points. 
  • The Wet Ammo Rack stowage module works by adding more hitpoints to the ammorack module. The Cyclone Filter works on the same principle.
  • There is a bug on Pearl River which can cause some players to suffer a large loss in performance.
  • New ammunition types are still planned but no work has been done on them yet.
  • Question: "Will there be a tank heavier than 200 tons in game?" Answer: "Ratte won't be implemented."
  • Gas turbines will not be implemented.
  • Wood, gas and steam powered tanks will not be implemented. There was a KV which was trialed with a Steam engine.
  • The hit points of the T62A's track module was not increased in 8.5.
  • Question: "What about the difference between Russian and European gift shop offers?" Answer: "Envy is bad."
  • If a player meets SerB in battle and attempts to grief him, he will ban them.
  • The removed speed governor doesn't remove a number of hit points per second but a percentage. 
  • More winter maps are planned in the near future, more desert maps are in the distance future.
  • Sixth Sense is working correctly. If you get hit but your Sixth Sense does not go off, you've been hit by a blind shot. 
  • SerB says players using the cheat mod pack will be banned.
  • There is a plan to allow players on one server cluster to fight players on another i.e. an EU player could fight and SEA player.
  • The planned Japanese super heavy will be 140 tons.
  • The information used on the VK2002DB comes "from the Germans."
  • The 'Smooth Ride' perk doesn't affect shot dispersion.
  • According to Wargaming data, Lorraine and Batchat historically had a crew of 3 but it won't be changed.
  • The decal size and colours won't be changed any time soon.
  • There will be no special servers or options for players to join servers where there is no Gold consumables or games without artillery.
  • SerB states that the Chinese guns developed at the end of the 70's are Soviet copies or based on Soviet originals.  Only after that did the Chinese start copying Western designs. However, you can't read about this anywhere for now, Chinese development is still secret.
  • There is no special coefficient that would somehow average the XP gain of good and bad players, such averaging is done by general vehicle balance.

8.6 Specific Details

8.6 looks like it will be the biggest attempt by Wargaming to address balance problems for quite some time, with the biggest change being the stretching out of the SPG trees to Tier X. 

  • T-50-2 won't be replaced by MT-25 in 8.6.
  • In 0.8.6, it's likely a link will be added between the KV2 and and the SPG branch.
  • There will be a change to HEAT shells in 8.6 by way of a penetration nerf. Authors note: So far it appears this will only affect HEAT shells fired by the 105mm guns.
  • 8.6 will bring some game optimalisation changes.
  • In 8.6, SPG experience will be bound to Tier, eg. if you have 200k experience on a Tier VII vehicle, it won't be transferred if that Tier VII moves to a different Tier, it will stay on what ever vehicle ends up being a Tier VII.
  • There will be some improved armour mechanics in 8.6.
  • 8.6 will see a fix to the problem where gun dispersion is affected too much by terrain.
  • In 8.6 heavily armored tanks in general will be changed. Note that details have started to appear with change to penetration values, generally being reduced across the board. 
  • Storm sees there is a problem with heavily armored tanks generally being unpopular.
  • As we mentioned last time round, the penetration mechanics for 'soft' objects is being changed. In 8.6 you'll be able to fire AP type rounds through objects like fences without the 'soft' object absorbing the shell.
  • The Spall liner will be remade for 8.6 and will reduce damage by 15 to 30%.
  • In 8.6 Champion company battles will be changed to allow Tier VIII Artillery but it's unlikely that points will be added.
  • 8.6 doesn't contain any core mechanics changes.
  • There will be no free crew retrains in connection with the SPG changes.
  • Until 8.6 is out, no other SPG changes are planned. 
  • 8.6 will be finished before before the 23rd of June and 8.7 will be finished a few weeks later but no release date was given.
  • There will be big changes in Clanwars: "New areas: US, Southern Africa including but not limited to: South Africa, Somaliland, Madagascar, Mongolia, and Atlantis. There will be a few big events each with a ton of medals. Wargaming is also working on a very big Clan Wars campaign stretched out over 4 stages with each stage having its own objectives and respective medals."
  • There will be 58 new Clan Wars specific medals.

As we've previously covered, the Clan Wars development team has been increased in size after Wargaming repeatedly acknowledged Clan Wars and End Game content in general is lacking. Although no specifics have been released about what the content additions, other than map medals, might be to Clan Wars in 8.6, its still encouraging to see Wargaming come good on thier statements about improvements to it. In April we saw the introduction of the Riot and Ransacking mechanics, both of which affect how Clan Wars teams make strategic decisions but were not the game changing content additions Clan Wars desperately needs. Hopefully 8.6 will build on these changes to make Clan Wars a more rounded and more inticing End Game for World of Tanks. However, the addition of new Provinces should mean that more teams can take part which is never a bad thing. Except when they're called Atlantis, time will only tell if SerB & Storm are actually serious. 8.6 is expected around the end of June. 

So there you have it, SerB and Storm have once again blessed the masses with their insight into players and the future of World of Tanks. As previously mentioned, TMC will do a full 8.6 preview with all the balance changes analysed and how they'll affect the game, once those details become something more than a vicious rumour.

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