WoT: March 2013 World Review

That last video of russian driving was amazing. Made me laugh on multiple accounts.
I showed a few of those to my wife. She doesn't even play and she was nearly falling off the couch laughing. After seeing the first compilation of that type of video for the NA server though, it's not just the Russians, heh.
Haha, I can imagine. I have to correct my statement; all those russian videos are hilarious. Man, I've been missing out on so much. It's not that bad on the EU servers at all, worst you see is some people diving after others into water.

Community events and local contests for World of Tanks continue across the world. Since few generate global interest, only those that pertain to art or that can be appreciated without the need to understand languages other than English are presented.

North American Server

There is a desktop wallpaper with optional calendar for March. The Mardi-Gras tank skin contest produced the expected explosion of gaudiness, and the "Fan Art Spotlight" section included five entries this month: 62, 63, 64, 65, and 66. The NA region also resumed the weekly caption contests, featuring weeks 13, 14, and 15.

There have been a few Reddit "Ask Me Anything" events over the past months. The articles link only to Reddit and not to the actual thread, so you’ll have to search for the one you want, but Reddit has a long memory, and there’s a lot of content from past sessions in there. Search parameters aren’t always exact, though, and you might have better luck searching for “ama” in the World of Tanks subreddit than the actual title. Irritatingly, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Reddit, the “WoT” abbreviation was awarded to some book series, so keep that in mind in your searches.

The "Tank of the Month" for March on the NA server was the T71. The article included a teaser video (sans invisible sniping deaths to Ferdinands, of course) and some technical recommendations for the tank. The staff also posted a video detailing a brief history of French armor and linked to their new section of the J!NX store with WoT apparel.

General WG.net media included an "ASAP" with Mikhail Zhivets, producer for World of Tanks, a video review of the new British tank destroyer line, and a "Tank Academy" video on scout tank driving.

In terms of gameplay, the 8.4 patch was released in March, along with a review of the new battle tutorial and a simulated play through by Picomause guided by The Chieftain. It looked cute, but I could only bear to watch about half of it. Several "In Development" updates made the news page, including some screenshots from the Pearl River map. For reference, the "In Development" section is the square link on the right, near the top, in the "Community" section; it's the one that looks like an advertisement until you read it.

The Chieftain was very busy this month, posting parts 3 and 4 of his Conqueror walkthrough and a two-part feature on U.S. tanks in the Pacific theatre jungles. Additionally, he wrote about the development of the Pz 35(t), including how it came to be used by the German Army, and a scathing treatise on the continued relevance of the tank corps in modern warfare.

Though April is another month, several news items hit the site a few hours early, depending on where you live, to kick things off properly with a bit of humor. An unexpected patch that activated several japes, including odd tank sounds, garage redecorations, paper airplanes on several maps, and other assorted goofiness, was sprung on the community, in addition to news items about a new map, prototype tank, and future NPCs. While many took these boners in stride, some players reported errors with the update itself and the launcher.

European Server

Not to be outdone by The Chieftain, The Challenger was also very busy in March, writing of his visit to Arsenalen, a Swedish military vehicle museum, getting up close and personal with the Tiger 131 at Bovington, and highlighting an excerpt from “Rogue Male” by Roger Field that details the exploits of the late Lt. Col Geoffrey Gordon-Creed.

The European community spotlight promotes a myriad of community events and features RanZar’s YouTube channel, which is usually highlighted on the Russian server.

There were many other articles, but most of them are shared between the EU and NA servers due to the commonality of English.

Russian Server

The Russian community never fails to impress for content. Sadly, a great deal of this content is in the form of fan videos recorded, as expected, in Russian. Most of the animated shorts are still enjoyable even without knowledge of Cyrillic.

The tank sculpting competition was extended and judged mid-March. The entries forum features an exceptional number of fraud attempts, but the acceptable entries, often featuring children riding the tanks, were very cute.

On the video front, the WarGag monthly fan video winners featured some very disturbing driving and illustrated why so many Russians are installing dash-cams in their cars. If they drive cars like they drive tanks, I wouldn’t leave my driveway without a camera running. The fan videos for this month came in five installments and offered additional support for my dash-cam theory. Compilations were released on March 1st, 7th, 15th, 22nd, and 30th.

The second installment of "OTC: No Comment" was up, demonstrating further the love affair tank commanders have with bad driving. The Russians are now also getting dubs of The Chieftain’s videos, e.g., this and this, and Wargaming is also celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

For heavier reading, the stories of several women who contributed on the front lines of the Great Patriotic War were featured on International Women's Day. "This Day in History" included details of March 13, 1937; March 18, 1919; and March 25, 1945. Paper model plans of the KV-2 were offered and two additional sets of "Tank Legends" were added to the archive.

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