WoT: ELC AMX, Armored Terrorist

Ok, that's enough Sword of Damocles references on this site.
Elc Amx ist not that good. Even a heavy tank with a bit of distance can track and one shot him.Luchs or Leopard, the much better choice for scouts
I did not realize that idiom was used so frequently on the site.
The ELC is not a scout; did you not read the article?
and even with the convenient link to the appropriate wiki page, you must think very low of your readers -_-
Like Harold said - it's not a scout. The main reason is that it's radio is too short-range to transmit information reliably to the rest of your team. The ELC is a mobile tank destroyer basically.That said, it makes a good option for scouting late in the game after the rest of your light tanks managed to get themselves killed.
I miss when my Leopoard was this awesome...
I havent played tanks in some months, does the vk2801 still have its hilarious gold flinging hellcannon that could eat chunks out of IS4s?
Oh hey, so he CAN use something higher than T4. *slow clap*
Not since 8.6 launched, no (8.6 is live everywhere but on the NA servers): penetration on the 105mm has been reduced so much you can fail to penetrate T-34s now; forget about IS4s...
Laaaamme. For a short time the 2801 was the ultimate troll tank. The rare occasion it gets top tier match making, you coulld easily get 12-15 kills in a game by just oneshotting every tank
Hey everyone, this guy hates fun!
Holy shit, I booted up Tanks for the first time in months and bought this little fucker, first game ace tanker. This thing is a demon. 170mm of pen at tier 5? fuck yes.
Nice vid. I checked out a few others you posted too. I'm saving my goofy bits like "map awareness" for a compilation troll video. I watched a guy drive straight off a cliff into a ravine bee lining for a kill and saved the replay.

The experimental ELC series tanks were all basically up armored go-karts with various turreted weapon systems. The model in WoT is the ELC Bis, but is labeled the ELC AMX because Wargaming.

Why Do I Care?

Because they're out there, waiting for an easy target that is just sloppy enough to take a shell while the AMX speeds off out of reach. The ELC AMX uses scout matchmaking as a T5 Light Tank, but hits well above its weight class. Because it's mid tier, and not an end of line tank like the T-50-2, it doesn't take much work to get into one, and the low repair costs mean people can run them all night without ever losing credits on a match. You'll see a lot of absolute clowns driving these, but not even the Maus is immune to them.

Since balance is important, you'll be glad to read they have paper thin armor, weigh a measly 7.3 tons, and have a Tank Destroyer-style 30' turret traverse. These features turn a lot of people off on the ELC AMX, but once you get used to playing a little conservatively with it, you can be a tremendous irritation to the opposing team. The ELC is flexible because of its speed and high penetration cannon, but because it often goes down with a single hit, it works best as a sniper or skirmisher, taking shots where it can and staying out of pitched battles.

On Scouting

The ELC is a fantastic late game scout due to its high agility, excellent view range, and low profile. Being a Light, it also enjoys the moving stealth bonus, but as long as other scouts are still alive it should stick to fire support. The restricted turret traverse and long reload are a death sentence against opposing scouts. Because of the low profile, the ELC makes a poor ridge rider, and it doesn't take much to blow the tracks off but if you can keep to ditches and make small turns as you go it stands a chance of getting through scouting runs alive. The ELC is uniquely equipped among scout tanks to put big damned holes in whatever it hits, and you don't want to squander that with a suicide scouting run when you could bleed enemies the whole match. A T-50-2 or Chaffee can harass the enemy and make a scene but the ELC can be expected to penetrate on nearly every hit and time spent driving around like a madman instead of sniping is DPS lost.

On fire support

Fire support is where the ELC really shines. Take a position that is difficult to assault and easy to retreat from, and wait for big game to appear. 170mm is a lot of penetration to strap to a T5 tank, and it doesn't lose much of that penetration at long range. I have side penetrated T9 Heavies from downtown with the D 914 using standard AP ammunition.

When you have the opportunity to occupy a sniping post, it is essential to pull back after each shot. With 14mm of armor, you're only going to bounce shells impacting at impossible angles, and HE will ruin your day if the shells land remotely close to you. Even shells impacting at a 70' angle penetrate 42mm of effective armor, so pulling back and moving to cover for five seconds after firing is critical to ensure the enemy has lost sight of you. The D 914 has a long reload, even with a gun rammer, so don't remain stationary after firing. You want to become a force the enemy has difficulty striking, but cannot afford to ignore.

When the enemy comes to drive you out of your position, give it up with a single parting shot. The ELC can't hold an approach like a Heavy, but what it can do is fire and retreat to set up another ambush, slowing the enemy advance to a crawl. The ELC trades ground for blood better than any other T5 scout.

On Breakthroughs

The ELC AMX can operate as a flanker, but penetrating to the enemy's rear lines involves a great deal of risk if you can't account for everyone's position. You should not be concerned with making a breakthrough run unless you're specifically trying to spot artillery for counter-battery fire. The ELC cannot afford to play chicken with heavier tanks, and at 7.3 tons maximum load that's everyone you're going to face. When you pass by dueling heavies into the enemy's lines, you will be completely cut off from support. I do not recommend it. A cornered ELC dies miserably, so never enter any position that lacks an escape route, and, if caught in the open, make your own cover.


On Drive-by Shootings

Forget scouting. Forget fire support. Forget tactics. Look my hooded avatar in the eye and tell me this isn't the real reason you picked up an ELC AMX. When it was first introduced, many of us sat blinking at the stat line wondering if our perverse vision of a rocket-propelled troll tank had come true. Well, it had, and it hadn't.

Chances are you've seen people try this maneuver, and most of the time they eat a Tungsten-cored death nugget long before they're close enough hit you. Driving straight at a target when you have 14mm of armor looks dumb on a tombstone.

Here lies ... this guy, he was kind of not smart

Currently, the best way to do drive by shootings is to activate auto-aim during your approach while you focus on driving and not slamming into the target. This works well because small bumps in the road won't send your shell into the stratosphere or the dirt as often. Unfortunately auto-aim is a bit sketchy and likes to aim a bit high. This may change soon.

One of the mechanical changes mentioned in the coming 8.6 patch is actually keeping your aim on what you're looking at in the gunner scope instead of bouncing it all over like a drunk at a wedding reception. This will make the gunner scope drive-by the way to go, since you can aim lower than auto-aim does. Time will tell if I'm right. Regardless of your method, make damned sure the target isn't paying attention when you do this.

Stay on target, stay on target!


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