WoT: April 2013 World Review

Yea, I didn't get the people raging before. Maybe they're just 1337 hax for me.
This is better. Write about this kind of thing and not about actually playing the game.
Saiphas Cain can you do an article on What Equipment to put on a tank for certain roles or class? it would be interesting reading on your views or contact me in eve :-)

Between my own internet connection dropping in the middle of a tank-related conversation last night, an out-of-town trip attending to family matters, and the connection in my own damned office cutting out while writing these very words in Notepad, it's a wonder I'm completing this article at all. This may be the internet's way of telling me to get outside more.

So, with the tomatoes, asparagus, and rhubarb planted (and my arms and neck sufficiently lobsterized) I present the April 2013 World of Tanks World Roundup. The writing style has evolved into a more narrative format as the linkfest was irritating even for a wall-of-text traditionalist like me. Numerical linked entries are spelled out, because tiny numbers are irritating to click on.

North America server

With the release of the 8.5 patch, a number of media elements were posted including a video brief, changes to Clan Wars, the Patch Notes, New Tank previews, and more patch notes.

General media releases included Fan Art Apotlights sixty-seven, sixty-eight, and sixty-nine as well as the limerick contest winners, and the April wallpaper. Though kitschy, I do recommend following the forum link to the post, even just for the first video. I can't tell if, "Working as intended, Comrade!" works better as the title of a WoT advice column or an indie band name.

The Random Number Generator videos have hit the North American server now. The numbering convention should be as fun for us as it will be for the WGNA staff, since we're starting with videos one and two here, which I believe are number three and four on the Russian Federation page. In truth, considering the complaints in variation of RNG results, labeling the fan videos RNG and glamorizing them would be like IOMEGA labeling a product "click" and promoting it. Oh wait, they did!

The Chieftain took the time to offer a historical perspective on the new German tanks in the 8.5 patch, some interesting insight on the Japanese response to American tanks in the South Pacific, and an overview of the project to develop the 37mm T16, which sounds like a tank-sized automatic shotgun.

He also voiced the sentiment in his article on the Museum of the American GI gathering in Texas that historical vehicles were built to run. Given what I've seen time do to unused mechanical parts, I can't agree more. If you don't run an engine it has a way of rotting much faster than when it's started up every now and then. Contrary to the Warhammer fluff surrounding Nocturne's Hammer, if you actually did wait 100 years between each time you ran the engine on an APC, the Salamanders Space Marine chapter wouldn't have survived the Horus Heresy.

General videos included what appears to be the first installment in a series on U.S. tanks, episode 1 of Tank School featuring The Chieftain and Pico Mause, an overview of the T71, and the English dubbed ASAP 9 with Mikhail Zhivets.

Russian Federation server

Many Russian fan videos can't be enjoyed without an understanding of the language, but some do have English closed captions available. Look for the CC icon in the control bar on Youtube.

The Russian region held a picture contest that involved a great deal of the arcane glyphography that is Cyrillic, but the AMX 40 cutaway sketch answers a lot of questions. The fan video contest results were posted, as well as the usual fan video collections, on 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, and 4/26.
RNG: No Comments edition 4 was posted. This is the same video as linked above on the NA server, but the link is included here because another edition of Trollface was on the same page. It's mostly unintelligible in English but the crew kill animation was nice. There was also a confusingly-labeled posting entitled RNG The Sixth Sense. It also seemed much slower paced than prior videos.

This Day in History had a single entry for 4/10/1944, and the standard history section included an article on U.S. tank construction. The 8.5 update overview on the Russian server included additional details on the new Soviet tanks in addition to others, whereas the materials on the NA server seemed to focus more exclusively on the German tanks.

The snowtank building competition finally came to an end, but the winning entries are well worth waiting for.

Finally, a new Ratte paper tank model was released and another installment of Tank Legends posted. The Tank Legends section, for those new to this series, is a collection of historical fiction stories like those adding flavor to Zack Parsons's My Tank is Fight!

Europe server

Mr. Cutland's series on the Tiger 113 is nearly complete, and though part one was posted last month it's linked here for completeness. Parts two and three continue with the exterior, but part four begins to examine the tank's internals. If you've never actually seen the inside of a tank before, the fact that they don't really have "finished" interiors like cars is a bit stark.

A guest writer submitted a piece on the history of the Matilda, and The Challenger also had a chance to visit the Parola armor museum in Finland.

Southeast Asia server

The Southeast Asia site has a copy of the first issue of a Beginner's Guide to World of Tanks, translated into English. The guide originally appeared on the Korean site (in manga style, of course) but since it's in an image format it could not be auto-translated. The Korean site is currently on their third part if, I read correctly. Hopefully these will continue to be translated into English for us. They're a little weird, but I'll take what I can get.

Motivational Mondays continued with weeks forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven, and forty-eight, and a media roundup that hopefully will not put me out of a job was included as well.

Korea Server

As noted above, most of the non-regional Korean articles seem to rely on images rather than plain text making, making even Google's terrible translations impossible. As such, there is nothing else of note this month.

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