Why Do We Need DUST 514?

I'll be blunt: I'm not really a shooter fan. If I wanted to give myself motion sickness while being shot at, I'd hire somebody to do donuts in the wastes of Afghanistan while I hung on for dear life in the passenger seat. That isn't to say that I hate shooters, it's just that so many of them are done so poorly that the good ones can no longer get me down off my soapbox long enough to enjoy them. 

Which leads me to view the upcoming DUST release with some trepidation for a variety of reasons.  One, it is (at launch anyways) a PlayStation 3 exclusive. This is great from a developer's standpoint because it's easier to develop games for. PC games require lots of time spent on building in performance customization settings in order to accomodate both the professional gaming setups and the jerkoffs that are still trying to run Windows 95. The PS3, on the other hand, has basically the same hardware no matter where or when it's purchased. This isn't so great for DUST, however, since CCP has spent nearly ten years building up a playerbase that's based primarily on the PC. It's a safe bet that not all EVE players have PS3s or will want to play EVE related games on the PS3. Plus, the PS3 shooter market is already crowded with well established, big budget shooter titles such as Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, and so on. What can DUST offer these players that they can't get somewhere else?

Secondly, and I know it's still in development: this game lacks artistic oomph.

Graphically this looks boring. The grey and sepia-toned color palette and repetitive, unorganic map designs are major turnoffs. The arcing and explosion effects are nice, but they don't make up for the fact that the rest of it resembles 1930's Oklahoma in space. Fewer 90 degree angles, more color, and more irregular levels of interaction (how about fighting on top of a rock formation that crumbles unexpectedly?) would be nice. 

Finally, it's a shooter. There is a reason why EVE is nicknamed "Spreadsheets Online": it appeals to a very meticulous, very patient, and very detail-oriented playerbase. It takes a special kind of person to, as a new player, wait over a month just to train one new skill. Shooters are generally all about action and adrenaline, which leads me to think that the crossover between EVE players and DUST players is going to be limited. This isn't to say that EVE players don't enjoy shooting things, we clearly do. It's just that the real draw of EVE is how organic it is; everything in this game is basically player-driven. It is the metagame - the player created social dynamics - that makes EVE so fascinating, and its tough for shooters to offer the same level of engagement. With many other big budget titles occupying the shooter niche, EVE players wanting to step out of the spaceship for a while would be well served to go elsewhere.


I'm a Goonswarm diplomat who loves frigates and fast tackle. Find me on Reddit as AldaniToralen or on Twitter @Aldani_Toralen