Where have All the Gankers Gone?

Nowadays it's hard to get the loot out but with the right tactic it works smooth
Btw there is a big diff in Niarja and Uedama which is the Station. When you gank in Uedama and scoop the loot you can just sit for the rest of the 15mins in station
Killing war-decced freighters is a turkey-shoot, the hardest part about it is all the poopsocking you gotta do. Hardly worthy of any notice.
Admittedly the loot scoop was a little sloppy as the method we where using had a small snag. Otherwise it started off great which gave us the kill Will listed above (still not showing on eve-kill something about 5b+ must be api synced).While trying to loot the wreck, some fellows from .EXE where also working towards claiming it once they caught on we hit that snag. This became a bump fight and a blur for a little bit. Soon another freighter came in and decided to flip a can which flagged him as suspect to us which again caused a bump fiasco to start and ended with this http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_de...Was a fun night!
Won't abandoning the wreck leave the neutral ally free to loot without getting the flag?
* one of the leaders of miniluv.We decided to have fun today: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_de...This guy too: https://www.fatal-ascension.co...
and why would a gankee blue his own wreck? I just wish we could booby trap the cargo. Enemy freighter scoops... BOOM!
No ganking? I think not! My corps has been happily ganking the entire time! https://www.fatal-ascension.co... https://www.fatal-ascension.co... as a couple of last night's examples! & Some Goons on the obelisk kill too :)
Wardec-ed ganks don't count for this article, it's a dumbness of the freighter pilot that he flies his ship with a war on his ass
Man, Sev3rance has resulted in ganking ? Man that is sad... I had high hopes that you guys would stick it out in providence and stay there fighting of all the bad guys but NOPE you guys go ganking.Kinda sad to see the old -7- is all gone and are now resolving to ganking aswell
Poopsocking.... best laugh I've had all day. Thank you.
Not sure what you are talking about. We gank reds in high sec and live in providence. If you didnt want -7- to change, maybe you shouldnt have left?
http://eve.battleclinic.com/ki...50m isk kr... autopiloting to Jita. Although I do think that's a fairly rare occurrence.

Has freighter ganking come to an end? For months freighter ganking was a daily affair in EVE. Those engaged in it made billions and it became viewed as both horrible for the game and a shining example of emergent gameplay. Two systems became infamous for it; Uedama and Niarja.



(Though the map doesn’t show it, Kaaputenen on the right is 0.8)

These two systems are perfect for freighter ganking. Any freighters traveling to Jita from the south through HighSec have to travel through one of these two systems or add thirty+ jumps to their route. As any freighter pilot will tell you, the later is not an option worth considering. Both systems are also 0.5 security which have longer CONCORD response times. These response times allow for freighters to be ganked with between five and ten pilots depending on freighter type and pilot skill level.

Freighter ganking has been in existence for years, but it wasn’t popularized until Goonswarm’s Ministry of Love developed the field and pioneered quality ganking. They brought freighter ganking to the forefront of EVE by perfecting the art of ganking freighters en-masse and then continually leveraging the man power and assets to do it at a profit.

Because they were able to destroy freighters so efficiently and rake in massive profits on each one, MiniLuv(as it is affectionately called) was effectively able to levy a tax on highsec. Recently though, the tax man has gone home.

The last freighter gank in Uedama took place on the 16th of December, just under two weeks after Retribution released.


The last freighter gank in Niarja took place on the 29th, three and a half weeks after Retribution released.


So what changed? In an effort to find out I tracked down Powers, the head of MiniLuv and asked him. As it turns out, MiniLuv has taken a break and joined the rest of the goons in a peacetime squad based deployment. For the time being, MiniLuv is scattered to the wind flying with different goon deployments across New Eden.

Retribution’s new Crimewatch mechanics have also made it more difficult to loot a downed freighter. The new mechanics make it so that when a neutral freighter loots from a downed freighter’s wreck, the looter now carries a suspect flag. As a result, the looting freighter can be shot by anyone and thanks to CONCORD the gank fleet is now relegated to their capsules; entirely powerless against would be attackers.

Stealing from a container will expose you to potential attacks from all players (but not from sentry guns). - CCP Masterplan's Introducing the New and Improved Crimewatch

Powers also dropped a hint about the future of MiniLuv stating that they’ve been busy seeding ship caches all over. The plan is to randomly pop up in a 0.5 system, wreak havoc and then disappear into the darkness. So be sure to watch out for those lovable bat country folks!

All this means that for now, the most active and prominent freighter gankers are busy elsewhere and the trade lanes of New Eden are open to all. Don't rejoice just yet though!

If people go back to being lazy and careless, we'll reappear like the boogeyman. - Powers

Happy Trucking!


Note: There have been an Orca and an Ark kill in Uedama in January, though damage totals seem to indicate war dec’s over ganking.

Full Interview with Powers of MiniLuv

Retribution’s Release Date: 12/4/12

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