When Dave's Dream Became a Nightmare

Its because of articles that are written like this that I've stopped reading EN24 and come here.You gents can actually write!
Dave's not here man.
Great post Grath
wonderful 12 paragraph analysis of a titan jumping instead of bridging, Top Pandemic Legion Fleet Commander Grathius Telkinus o7
Well written and informative - thanks a lot, Grath!

Being in an alliance that lost a titan on a lowsec gate with quite possibly the worst fit ever makes Pandemic Legion somewhat of an authority on how to not fit a Titan. Dave should have called us first, we'd have told him all about it.

First, let's talk about what happened.  It's easy for those who are not Titan pilots to scoff and rag on the poor guy for doing what he did, but a fairly huge portion of Titan pilots have made this exact error - or an error like it.  Titans are very forgiving of pilot error during an actual fight, but in any other instance they will let you know the error of your ways with a quickness that defies logic. Cyv0k was the first Titan to die in Eve, and he died because he didn't notice getting aggressed. Progodlegend made the exact same error and jumped when he meant to bridge into a pile of hostile dreads and bubbles.  Elo Knight simply lost track of which moon he came in on and went back after escaping once. Hurley tried to doomsday a PL sniper HAC gang, which was far too agile to ever be caught by the doomsday's long spool up. Generally speaking, if you make a critical error in a Titan, you only make it once because you either die from it or you scare yourself so shitless that you constantly check to make sure you never do that again.  Carbon Fury once warped to a tower at 0 after an engagement with Goons: as he bounced out of the POS, cynos opened around him and a 40 minute raging battle ensued.  The stains still mark poor Carbon's favorite boxers, but he will likely never warp to a tower at 0 again.

Not long ago, what Dave did was fairly common place since the jump command and the bridge command were stacked right on top of each other.   When I intended to bridge a PL gang two jumps ahead of a Goon welpcane gang, I instead found my shiny new Titan hanged on a gate with 200+ Goonswarm Federation neuting canes screaming my direction.  I had my Titan for all of about 9 hours.

Not long ago, his fit wouldn't have been much scoffed at either.

Okay, who am I kidding?  His mids were absolutely wretched and we'd have laughed anyway - but remember, a smartbombing Titan upon a lowsec gate means my alliance can only laugh so hard.

Take a look at the lossmail again.

What Dave's Dream was sporting was a partial version of a Tracking Titan fit. His low slots were built for damage and tracking, minimal tank, meant to punish sub-caps for daring to even enter the same grid as the great beast. Coupled with Strong Drop booster, the Erebus would lay down soul crushing volleys of 50 to 60 THOUSAND damage per salvo, shattering anything from Frigates to Battleships. Some of you are scoffing at the Microwarp Drive, thinking "It's a Titan, what does it need with one of those?"  That mod never comes off my Titan. Good pilots learn how to milk the mod and cut the time needed to jump into warp in half, and on a bad bounce on jump in, it can act as a speed break, bleeding speed far faster and slowing what could otherwise be a tragic excursion that carries the pilot into the arms of an enemy fleet.

And thats where I'll stop being nice about Dave's fit, because the rest of it is an overpriced abortion of supercapital theory.

The rest of his mids lack any semblance of coherent thought or understanding of what his Titan can and should do. He was bridging; he didn't expect combat.  Pilots who understand supercaps realize the one thing that saves your life is a cyno.  In fact, if Dave had been properly fitted, then there is a chance that you wouldn't even be reading this. The cyno allows triage carriers to land right on the beleaguered Titan when he bounces, or in this case jumps when he should have bridged. When not expecting combat you can pull a single gun, or even the DD to allow for the Cyno, there is no harm in it.  Even if he were going into combat, Dave's mids were largely horrid.  My choice of mids is two sensor boosters, two tracking computers, a microwarp drive and a target painter. At no point should you ever really be trying to point things in your Titan.  Its bad form, and generally if you've deployed a titan you've got a few supercarriers around with it and the supers can do the pointing. Two cap rechargers are virtually useless. If he wasn't getting fed cap from a local Aeon or Wyvern (the best way to cap up your Bus) then a pair of officer cap injectors would have far outpaced those two meager cap mods. With just a pair like that its almost like wasting two slots.

Last we'll hit the lowslots. Titan blapping was great. I miss it too, but its gone and its time to just let it go. Sure we can still jump into battlecruiser and battleship gangs and do some fairly serious damage, but its nowhere near what it once was, the volleys barely breaking ten thousand. In the end, in most situations if you jump your titan into a subcap fight under current mechanics, you're doing more harm than good as you'll now generally need to be rescued and the fight escalated to its maximum potential to avoid the staggering loss of a titan. I don't care how common they are, losing a Titan sucks. As you can see from his mail it becomes the owners catch all junk drawer where he just keeps stuff.  Piles of stuff.  In this case, an entire Chelm's passive tank fit. There's rarely a reason to outfit your lows the way Dave had his fit after the last round of nerfs. Gone are the glory days of riding into combat with fire roaring from the great black behemoth.  Today you might refit to a damage tank hybrid to work through some structure that CCP had the grace to give a trillion hit points, but the full tracking kit that his lows were sporting is a thing of the past.

I think we can all agree that the amount of purple on that mail tells us that Dave had too much damn money. The reader can speculate as to that money being real life money that plexed this man a titan or just too much internet spaceship money. Whatever the case, one click, relieved him of all that money.

And so Y-W claims another Titan. Its cold darkness keeps the ghosts of a Pandemic Legion titan fleet, and the titans of the Northern Coalition forces that died when they held that area. Dave's flaming wreck will not be lonely in that hallowed place, forever bearing the curse of the Y-W.

Would a full tank have saved him? Its impossible to say now, the Northern Coalition. supercap fleet was spinning up as the subcaps swarmed him, the CFC triage carriers were massing behind the might of 500 members of the Swarm, a fight the size that only EVE can bring you was surely brewing, but all that passes into the realm of what if and could be - because Dave pushed the wrong button.

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