What's Going On Down South?

A lot has been said, lately, about the fighting in the North on this site. The South is due for an update. So, I turned to Montolio, leader of TEST and the HBC, to identify the highlights of the things that have happened in the South recently. If you have been following the fighting in the South, Honey Badger Coalition and the Southern Coalition had been engaged in back and forth fighting for a few months. Last month HBC forces began making a concerted push replete with round the clock super capital fleets to reinforce structures and repeated subcapital fleets, making repping things with carrier drops difficult. This culminated in the fall of 4-07MU three weeks ago.

A second front was opening while all of this was going on, raising a wall of a growing coalition between Against ALL Authorities and their most heavily armed ally, SOLAR. A collection of disparate alliances began taking space in Scalding Pass. Meanwhile, TEST’s Montolio and diplomatic team were hard at work making sure that -A- could not easily escape North through CVA space by conducting secret negotiations that led to CVA being promised ¼ of Catch to box in –A-.

Against ALL Authorities, already beleaguered on the home front, attempted to assist the SOLAR forces in quashing this growing threat before it could drive a regional wedge between them as Red Alliance had done, dragging out a war that had already been lost earlier this year. SOLAR wanted to dissuade this new coalition with a show of force, but -A- was skittish about supercapital losses and brought only subcapitals to bear. It took only a few days before the fighting netted a major battle.

As Against ALL Authorities began to relocate to NPC space (as they have done several times throughout the history of EVE only to return to retake the same collection of regions), HBC began to hit Red Overlord space. ROL fractured down time zone lines, and the resulting US/EU alliance was welcomed into the HBC and quickly began to take systems.

Grath Telkin began the “forever camp” of –A-’s NPC station of choice, LGK, hell bent on seeing the doom of the alliance. This monumental undertaking saw the system camped for hours each day, only being broken temporarily by concerted break out fleets. This camp lasted about two weeks.

Between the pressure of the perma-camp and the loss of their ability to roll out small gangs at leisure for morale boosting fun, Against ALL Authorities went through a leadership restructuring within the week. Lee Chanka was given the title of FC-in-command and began to reduce the number of FC’s as well as slim down the number of official fleet compositions from 25 to only three. Two well respected FC’s, Cobra 2k and MukkBarovian, were given seats on the military council to support Lee. Makalu and PL were moved to support roles.

With the organization beginning to solidify and some measure of confidence returned to the rank and file of the coalition, ambitions began to return. Even the loss of a titan (who was trying to break out of a PL login camp) did little to derail the swing in morale. Promise of the fabled “gudfights” rose as an -A- CTA was called as the month came to a close. But the excitement came crashing down with Lee’s announcement of RMT bans in the -A- logistics group.

HBC forces were committed to the downfall of Against ALL Authorities at this point. By this point it felt tantalizingly close. Montolio and the diplomatic crew pulled off the next coup in the form of a NIP (non-infrastructure pact) with what has alternately been called Gypsy Caravan, SE-Co, “those guys”, Refugee Coalition, or RGB. A perfect segue into an interview with one of the people in the know in this coalition currently based out of Scalding Pass.

We at themittani.com have been referring to this growing collection of alliances as “Gypsy Wagon” for the past few weeks. These alliances have shown internal cohesion and resilience and converted their game play into the nomadic behavior that PL had turned to after the fall of Fountain.

I contacted noted FC and part of the Nulli Secunda leadership progodlegend, someone I’ve flown with and against numerous times over the years. It is hard to say whether it is more fun to fly with him or against him; either way you are usually in for a good fight. He has been with Nulli Secunda since the beginning. In mid-July of this year Nulli, faced with overwhelming numbers, lost their sovereignty in Delve. Within a month they were on the other side of EVE, shooting CFC at the side of NCdot and Black Legion. It was at this point, as the Dot Bro Coalition began to fray under pressure from the CFC, that the groundwork began to be laid for a new coalition.

The promised land of Technetium had been calling Nulli for quite a while by that point. Not just buddy offers in the form of moons for guns: the pull of a passive source of income, controlled at an alliance level, allowing leaders to gain independence from the moorings of carebear-land and the logistical strings associated with that is strong for almost all of nullsec. It is the dream for PVP-focused alliances. The loss of sovereignty was a blessing in disguise; tt was that last bit of incentive to break away from the sovereignty system. Nulli was the first of the coalition to drop sov ambitions and play the alliance level mechanics rather than the lore of null sec in the game.

When Venal began to collapse NCdot went through some internal turmoil (the Wicked Princess event). When Elo bailed and took Black Legion with him, NCdot and Nulli began pulling together a collection of historically loner alliances, alliances often put into the “Elite PVP” category. Alliances who have mocked blobs and blue lists for years. Alliances that have had their fair share of being on the receiving end of large blue lists. As a nod to that Elite PVP label, they bandy about that ‘elite’ title freely. A coalition founded on the ethos of elite PVP in EVE. Fighting outnumbered, but pulling off victory through skill instead of numbers. Small gang focused alliances brought together from common threats with a shared purpose. Each had been a sov holding entity. Each had comfortable streams of income. Each were confronted with foes who controlled multiple time zones with good numbers. Individually, they were beaten. Collectively, they have multiple time zones, solid numbers, and enough good FC’s to make most power blocs a little jealous.

So, what did progod have to say about this upstart coalition?

Baghei: What is the name of the coalition? Do you have a name or is it too loose of a coalition for that right now?

Progodlegend: We have a channel called RGB coalition and nobody knows what it stands for. I asked the other day and a bunch of people responded, "no idea I forgot who made the channel"... so yeah, you basically hit the nail on the head.

B: Are you guys seeking to grab sov, just smash everyone's toys, kill SOLAR, or something else?

P: I'm not sure if we are out to kill SOLAR entirely, as that would involve taking give or take 7 regions. SOLAR is very resilient and would not just give up because they lost a few major systems, as their last war for their homeland showed everyone. I think this is more a rivalry war for Gypsy in particular, and a war of convenience for NCdot and allies, as SOLAR has been assaulting NCdot space for a while now. Everyone joining together to assault SOLAR space just happened naturally, I'm not sure if anyone has agreed to a full long term goal for it yet.

B: What alliances are part of this coalition?

P: Gypsy, WHYso, INK, Red Alliance, Nulli Secunda, and NCdot are the main alliances. There is also Gorgon Empire, 401k, Double Tap, the various sister alliances of some of those alliances. Like INK's the predicatables.

B: Have you formed some kind of command structure? Leadership? Coaltion communications?

P: The coalition is still new, so as you can imagine, our communications and internet infrastructure stuff (comms etc.) is still in the "just whatever works for now" phase. But we do have joint command channels for now and are all capable of jumping on joint TS3's to combine fleets when there is a need for that. There is no set coalition leader, we are pretty much a group of alliances that respect each other and give a lot of space for each to do their own thing.

B: Any comments on the Vince and Wicked Princess thing?

P: I don't really have anything to add to the Wicked Princess situation that hasn't already been said by people who were more involved in that than myself (I wasn't online at all that night). All I can say is that NCdot leadership seems to have recovered nicely, and that fleets are still rolling.

B: How has the nomadic lifestyle impacted the alliance?

P: As far as Nulli jumping around from war to war, I think it’s more a product of the allies we have chosen to chill with and the location we picked to base out of after Delve. EVE politically right now is more complex than anything that has been around for a while and all the fighting seems to be focused around the borders of Vale and Geminate. It would be kind of hard to not get at least a little involved in all of them.

So, the as-yet-to-be-named coalition in the southeast is one to watch. Still a very loose coalition, but definitely a power to be reckoned with by any other group in EVE. Their current sights are set on hammering SOLAR. Considering each alliance’s past, they are not likely to become another NAP-fest. Perhaps this collection will follow in the footsteps of the Curse collections of old, but in a much more grand scale. Shoot each other for fun, but beat down any external threat. Only time will tell. 

Likewise, what happens next in the South is anyone's guess. HBC had been rolling steadily over region after region, but with the NIP in place, the Eastern expansion effectively has a cork in it.


Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.