WD-40 for the Old Naglfar

No, I’m not talking about the v3 work being done on capital ships. God help the art department if the Naglfar isn’t the iconic rusty sail when they finish with it. But, while we’re on that subject, what’s with the Avatar going from a shiny butt plug to a dirty one?

Anyway, the Naglfar is getting a much needed Fozzie once-over. Since the bottleneck for the ship changes has been—and will continue to be—the art department, changing the model to replace a missile mount with a turret mount wasn’t in the cards in the near future. So Fozzie’s current incarnation, tossed out for the player-base to theory craft and complain about, has been finagled with to side-step the art department.

Two turrets. No missile hardpoints. 50% damage bonus (basically a free 3rd turret) on top of the existing 5% per level for damage and RoF. To get an idea of where this puts the Naglfars in comparison to the other dreads, I made a graph:

These figures were made with 3 faction damage mods, meta 2 guns, level 5 skills, and no tracking modules. I originally used t1 guns and T2 mods but the lengthy debate that followed convinced me to show the more blingy, wh/low sec variety. This is the upper end of what you could reasonably expect to see on the field for damage. I didn’t add TCs or TEs as the debate on the number of modules or which modules to fit is for your alliance, not this discussion. If you throw 1-2 TCs (whatever your preference) onto the dreads, the curve for the Nag stretches out more.

The new and improved Naglfar will out-damage the Revelation for all ranges except right around 30-40km (where most people sit shooting a POS). At around 45km, the new Naglfar will be king for anything moving. The tracking speed is a bit better than a pulse Rev, but falls short of a Moros’ tracking speed (Using one TC: .007 Rev, .008 Nag, .009 Moros). Since you don’t have to waste low slots for Ballistic Controls after the change, the Naglfar will have two spare slots (well, three, but one goes to the DCU) for tank, tracking enhancers, power relays, or signal amps.

Shield tanked, the new Nag should be flying with 15% more buffer than the Moros or Revelation. Not quite as beefy as Phoenix tanks, but still a noticeable buffer. A Naglfar also doesn’t use cap while firing—as opposed to the Moros and Rev—so it can be dropped, siege, shoot stuff, then immediately jump out. It will be the go-to for ninja drops thanks to this combination of good buffer and no cap usage. Add to it the impressive dps with the massive falloff covering a wide range around the ship (a single TC with optimal script will put you at 20+55km range), and you have one of the scariest dreads any subcap might face.

In short, the most derided dreadnought in the game is about to become the most balanced, "do everything very well" dread. Fozzie pulled out another hat trick with this one. Of course, this stroke of the proverbial pen does not fix the horribly-out-of-balance realm of dreads. The other three still need work. The Rev needs something that it is good at, besides not using ammo. The Moros is a bit extreme with both range and dps. The Phoenix is fine, but citadel missiles need to explode fast enough to be able to put damage on capital ships at the very least (12 m/s is excessively slow - dreads often coast in siege faster than that, let alone trying to apply the damage to a super capital).

Anyway, this a good start. Expect to see Naglfars getting a lot more action than they have historically.

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.