At the Water Cooler: Retribution

Fozzie was by far the best man to be recruited...
Why are you talking to these guys over other guys? Neither of them appear to have much interesting or in-depth to say, not that your format allows it.
This is really difficult to read.
This is like reading a script aka very hard to decipher. I'd transcribe your chat into something more readable.
ECM Jesus is a moron. "WAAHHHH I don't like poor newbies able to actually be a threat!"
Male Duckface > I don’t really like the safety systemMale Duckface > but once it can save your safety preference it will be fineYou're a powerful individual Male Duckface.Retribution 1.0.7 "The safety level setting is now persisted on the server per character and will be restored when logging on."Evil souls clap thier hands and sing!
Because these guys are know to test and try new things..ideal for weeks following new patches. The solo small gang guys are the ones who can more easily identify perks and problems with new ships and mechanics. Nothing against the mega alliances or giant fleets..but it's a lot harder to pick up on ship abilities and UI changes with hundreds of people on grid as your ship melting in seconds. The big wig alliance leaders...while yes you personally may be more familiar not go out to test and lose ships like these guys do to understand their workings.Ultimately these guys are household names my their own doings through accomplishment and their own efforts of running channels and streaks. If you want you opinion heard become someone...until them sit back and appreciate the work and effort these guys have put in to inform and aid the eve community.Comment to others: it's a script due to having the same conversation with multiple entities...this is about the most organized clear cut way for them all do have a little say without major editing of only a few snippets from one or two guys on each question. Classic response...if you can do better start writing and seeking out people to supply you with information.
That cant be MirrorGod, he didnt use the N word once...
Tldr: "Waah dont be bitchin about articles you didn't write as I, for some reason, seem to take personal offense to it; its not like I actually wrote the article and then replied under an alias!"*dons tinfoil hat*
Clearly you don't understand what is a fleet doctrine and FCs that spend literally hours to figure out fits that will give max ehp possible without compromising DPS and range. Solo isn't better than Gang or Fleet. It's just different. You don't need to be a ''soloer'' to practice solo PVP. I do it occasionnaly and I aint better than any other goon. Also to be very honnest regarding that article, I can't say I learn anything worth reading or anything the average eve player wouldn't have been able to understand by himself.
I pretty much exclusively do low-sec small-gang and solo PvP. I'm not e-famous or super-amazing, but I know half a dozen people who would have made a better interview.And, as mentioned elsewhere, FCs and doctrine-crafters spend a lot of time directly working with the biggest changes of Retribution: the ship balances. The red circles are probably intended for people shooting up rats.
I totally believe it. From what I hear The Hatchery don't play any more, only uber and Bad harrari play :P
Named after ecm, doesn't like new guys in logi. disqus needs :ironicat:
Didn't you hear Celestis is the new Falcon.
Sorry for the delayed response. Yup, will do. Tbh with it being a group interview, it was quite hard to format it with the quotation boxes ) and have my questions visible. Will try something different next time.
I've actually delegated that task out~
Thanks for the heads up, will have a nosey at it now :)

Retribution is the 18th expansion in the history of Eve Online. Coming after Inferno (and the major issues concomitant with it), Retribution is like ice to the burn. Focusing more on fixing broken features than adding new ones, it seems to have been well-received by the community as a whole. With the attention paid to PvP mechanics, including changes to crime watch, bounties, combat UI, ship balancing, and the four new destroyers, Retribution has been a big boon to the small-gang and solo PvPer in particular.

I decided to reach out to a group of well known solo and small-gang PVPers to learn their reaction to Retribution: what do they like and dislike?

The Interview

Targie McRed > Hello guys, if you would like to introduce yourselves and tell us a little about what you do?

MirrorGod > Hello, I’m MirrorGod
MirrorGod > I founded Heretic Army
MirrorGod > ran it for 4 years and pioneered Minmatar militia
MirrorGod > Heretics is an ANTI-empire pirate corp, we are the enemy of Amarr, empathize with the Minmatar but not in any official capacity besides being friends with Ushra Khan a time ago

Kil2 >I’m kil2, I run bringing solo back channel, did bringing solo back podcast, still try and do small gang and solo PVP as much as possible.

ECM Jesus > I am ECM jesus, I fly around solo in faction warfare low sec. I used to fly for the minmatar but after fozzie nerfed fw I saw no reason to stay so I switched to Amarr where I fly now.

Male Duckface > I am a random lowsec AB frigate clown mostly.

Targie McRed > What are your thoughts on Retribution in general? Do you like it or not? 

Male Duckface > I like retribution quite a bit 
MirrorGod > CCP outdid themselves  
Male Duckface > the crime watch and FW changes have made lowsec pvp significantly more fun with less downtime
Male Duckface > nice to be making some bounty cash
MirrorGod > Heretics have been loving logi frigs and really trying out all the new frigate fits
MirrorGod > The new gate-gun mechanics, we haven’t fully tested them, but I'll say this, they definitely promote fights more
Kil2 > I mean in general it seems fantastic
Kil2 > it’s weird to have so much new power added to the meta
MirrorGod > It seems to me that the average plebeian of eve is more willing to engage us dirty pirates after the patch
MirrorGod > it's like CCP gave them permission, nearly

Targie McRed > Are you enjoying the new ships?

ECM Jesus > Yep. I am having great fun dying in t1 cruisers
ECM Jesus > New Maulus is pretty overpowered if you find lone guys
Male Duckface > having more frigates be viable and people not know how you’re fit has been lots of fun
Male Duckface > destroyers seem relatively balanced vs other destroyers or gangs of small ships
MirrorGod > new destroyers, pretty cool looking, they've been expensive so I haven't bought 8 yet, fitting requirements seem a bit stretched
ECM Jesus > I think the dragoon is the coolest and the one with the most potential for different fits
MirrorGod > if anything, I'd say the dragoon could do with aboost to neut range
ECM Jesus > Have you seen the cruiser fleets fweddit roll around with?
ECM Jesus > 50 man with like 20 logi cruisers
MirrorGod >  I've run the fits, they’re impressive, right where I'd want them to be.
MirrorGod> and honestly, anything that draws out the fight
MirrorGod > expands the action, is a good thing
MirrorGod > I'm open to believe that WHAT was broken about logis wasn't the fact that a corp/alliance could bring 10 guardians
MirrorGod > but that smaller/noobie alliances couldn't
MirrorGod > with more proliferation of logis you'll see another layer of tactics required

Targie McRed > So, you agree with CCP's direction on Tiercide so far? 

Kil2 > for the most part i agree with it targie
Kil2 > I’m kind of a weirdo in that I like ships that suck
Kil2 > but yeah I mean it’s great  

Targie McRed > Anything in Retribution that you don’t like? 

Kil2 > I don’t like the red damage circles
Kil2 > well aesthetically they are sort of annoying
Kil2 > but for me it’s systematic
Kil2 > I don’t like people having a visual feedback for what’s doing the most damage
Kil2 > I’d rather you had to figure it out , but I’m kind of too hardcore in that respect
Kil2 > but yea also it makes the screen pretty busy
ECM Jesus > and as soon as stuff start shooting you the entire screen get red
Male Duckface > the targeting circles seem pretty big
Kil2 > like I’d rather see just brackets so distinguishing positions was easier
Male Duckface > I don’t really like the safety system
Male Duckface > but once it can save your safety preference it will be fine
ECM Jesus > I really do not like the direction with easily available logistics ships for new guys as a solo pvper

Targie McRed > Do you guys think that the lack of new features means this was worth a whole new expansion, or should it have just been a patch? 

Kil2 > that’s just semantic. It took 6 months to build this and it was worth it
Kil2 > call it whatever you want
ECM Jesus > I think there are some new features but I do not mind fixes we really need
MirrorGod > CCP definately outdid themselves this patch so you don’t find me complaining
Male Duckface > I haven’t seen too many expansions since I’m newish but this expansion has made me very pleased
Male Duckface > a bunch of the ships in classes I fly are viable now, there are more people in lowsec and FW looking for pvp and I don’t have to sit out 15 minutes after a gank.

Targie McRed > What do you think CCP should focus on in the next expansion?

Male Duckface > well hopefully they get battlecruisers to a place they are happy with before then
ECM Jesus > yeah finish the tierecide
Male Duckface > a lot of people want faction and t2 ships looked at but I’m poor so I’m okay with some of them being bad
ECM Jesus > I really want 0.0 to have more people around in space and not just 100 people in one system in a station

Targie McRed > Any features you would like to suggest (within reason)?

MirrorGod > I had an idea for sentry changes, this one serves pretty well, but I'd like to see them disabled when CCP introduces pirate alliances ability to destroy FW infrastructure 
Kil2 > ive always liked this idea
Kil2 > that there would be some set of ships/items that were only available to outlaws
Kil2 > to incentivise being -10
Male Duckface > I want to be able to purchase sec status
Male Duckface > tags is the best option for buying sec status that I’ve seen since it rewards another players work
ECM Jesus > something to do in 0.0 as a solo guy or small gang that feels like you are actually making a difference

Targie McRed > Well thank you guys, anything you want to add before we end?

MirrorGod > to CCP: keep iterating
MirrorGod > everything is awesome so just don’t fuck it up now
Kil2 > word   
Kil2 > keep balancing =D
MirrorGod > I would like to personally thank CCP for the new route from Amarr->Hek that goes through my area, and encourage them to interconnect more low-sec (shameless plug Kor-Azor<->Bleaks plz)
Male Duckface > null iteration like ECM Jesus mentioned would be really nice to see 

Targie McRed > Cheers guys. 

Well, there you have it. All in all, the people most using the changes in this patch seem to like the direction that CCP is heading with Tiercide, and hope that CCP Fozzie and his team stay the course.

This has been At the Water Cooler. Thanks to all who participated in this interview for their time and input.

Hi, My name is Targie. I've done everything from High-sec wars, to Low sec Pirating; from Wormholes to 0.0 wars. I'm currently in TEST alliance, where I annoy my corp. mates with bad stories. Follow me on twitter . @TargieMcRed for article updates.