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This interview was conducted on the day Gallente had 100% warzone control. Seems like the release timer was off.
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I'd forgotten about that Tek Bio vid - pretty much standard late Saturday night Tek fleet. :D
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This is a guest submission from Mekhana of Sicarius Draconis with Tekitha, CEO of Shadows of the Federation.

Today we get close and personal with Tekitha, CEO of Shadows of the Federation, winner of the Emerald Albatross award and a driving force behind the Gallente Militia’s 100% control of the warzone. 

Hello Tekitha. Today marks an important milestone not just for Gallente Militia but for all of factional warfare. Looking back at the memories that led up to this point what do you particularly enjoyed about the war and your regrets if any.

It was a nice change of pace to fight in smaller fleet engagements and get back to our roots, fighting and winning in frigates and cruisers. Also living out of a POS in hostile territory with a bunch of good friends for extended periods of time was a nice bonding experience both within alliance and with our Gallente militia allies. Can't really say there were any regrets overall, except that maybe you can't drop caps in complexes :)

The Gallente Militia used to be the militia least interested in plexing in all of factional warfare. While the Caldari side always had a very active and (in)famous plexing contingent. What caused this change of mentality?

We have come under criticism in the past that we aren't FW focused, this has historically been true due to the irrelevant outcome of system occupancy. Since CCP changed warzone control to actually have a somewhat tangible effect in game we decided to beat the Caldari at their own game and show that we can win such a war (in cheap ships) due to our organisational and tactical advantage.

The Caldari Militia never threw down the towel; I personally know some that fought down to the last ship. If you had to make a statement, what would you say to them?

There were a certain amount of Caldari who really threw themselves at us repeatedly and made a valiant attempt to hold their home systems. The fights we had were great fun and I'll give massive props to our opponents for bringing it. They were however mostly out classed and out skilled. They also did on occasion make some good strategic calls, specifically calling Black Legion for support, whereby we had to use all of our tactical knowledge to escape without losing our entire cap fleet. What would I say to Caldari? ... I'd say don't be disheartened by the recent defeat and continue to grow and hopefully we can all have lots more fun pew in the near future.

100% warzone control was no small feat and it took combined effort and organization with all of the militia to accomplish. Do you have anything to say to them? 

I'd have one thing to say to them...
Well played Gallente, it's always a pleasure to call you allies :)

Is there anyone on both sides you’d like to commend and congratulate?

This one could go on forever, I'd give props to every member of both sides who consistantly dedicated time and energy to the war effort. More specifically (apologies to anyone who doesnt get mentioned here)

-Happy Endings probably fought the hardest for their home system, well played to you.
-GMVA for being a great place for the newer pilots in the Gallente militia to get involved in PvP and the war effort in general.
-Chatgris for teaching us bitter vets how to fly small ships and advising us on the doctrines that would win us plex fights.
-Mutnin for keeping the Caldari propaganda alive on the EVE-O forums and giving us all something to chuckle at when we weren't plexing :)
-Lost Obsession [FATE] for supporting the war effort with logistics and combat assistance, often being shot by "supposed" blues in the process.`
-Damar Rocarion who's tinfoil hat ramblings were probably one of the spurring factors for us undertaking this objective.

Also everybody else who FC'd a fleet, ran a plex or brought us a fight throughout the campaign.

As both a leader figure and a fleet commander what was the greatest challenge or worry you had in the war? Did the enemy ever pull off something that tested you and critically hampered the war effort?

We were never sure whether the whole Gallente militia could put all their differences aside and endure the level of focus required to win every system in the warzone. I'd say the biggest challenge was organising hundreds of pilots throughout multiple fleets to acheive one goal. Pulling off that level of organisation was certainly an impressive feat and something for which I will be forever proud.

Of all the systems in the warzone which are you most fond of fighting over and why?

I think the battle for Rakapas was the turning point of the entire campaign. We laid siege to the system for 72 hours, constantly skirmishing and jockeying for position within each and every plex. The critical moment was when Happy Endings (to their credit) took the initiative and attacked our staging POS with the help of a Black Legion tech 3 fleet. Capital ships were committed and lost on both sides and good fights were had by all. With either side taking such dramatic losses you could be forgiven for thinking we'd all retreat to lick our wounds but the fighting only intensified, culminating with the hour long defence of a single medium plex, as evidenced here.  Things certainly hung in the balance for a while but we eventually emerged victorious.

Battle Report:

Now that the war is won but certainly not over what has been on your mind since we’ve liberated Ladistier, the last system under enemy control? What are your plans for the future regarding factional warfare?

Honestly, Drunk 'n' Disorderly only ever had one goal in this war effort. That goal being taking all systems, not necessarily holding all systems in the long term. If the Caldari can start taking systems back we'd be quite happy, I'd prefer the Caldari living in lowsec than hisec after all. Our goal wasn't to force our opponents to stop PvPing, it was simply to prove a point. Now we have acheived our goal we will be leaving the plexing scene alone for the forseeable future. Hopefully the Caldari can pull themselves together and form a force that can maybe one day challenge us at the level of PVP "we" enjoy.

Would you like to make a closing statement for our readers?

Damar Rocarion > I for one welcome our new Gallente overlords.

I have been playing the game *terribly* for right around two years. After a brief time in null, and longer stay in high, I have now entered into Gallente Faction Warfare and somehow landed a job as director of Aideron Robotics. I am still terrible.